Help with seeds

Hello all,

I would just like to find an easy way to grow seed. I have

read many of the fine articles and links and it seems

that there are many different ways to rasie seeds.

I live in the south western U.S. I have a bunch of seed

that I would like to grow. I’m think of useing a blender

to open the hips then putting then into zip lock bags

with a damp paper towel. Then in a couple of months or so

planting them in flats. I don’t know what type of soil to use but I guess I have time.

I think this is all I have to do. I also believe that this

is the right time to grow them. I have tried to read

as much as i can before hand and not ask a dumb question.

But it seems there are alot of different ways to grow them.

I don’t have alot of time or money to spend so I want something very easy.

Thank you all

Tee Jay…

Do you have a copy of the “Rose Hybridizing for Beginners”?

There is a lot of information in the booklet regarding stratification of seeds and starting seeds.

You can order the booklet on the Rose Hybridizers Association web site. There are also articles and links on the web site that you may find useful.


The form for ordering the booklet is on this page. You can also use this form to join the RHA.


Thank u all very much.

I hope it answer alot of my questions.

I have take some hips blended them. Seems

like the blender smashed a couple of them.

I used water in the blender. I put them

in bounty towels with a little comet on them

and put alittle water on them in zip lock bags.

I hear that I can keep them in there for about

8 weeks then plant them.

This will be in winter though.

I read some of the webs site and they tell u all

kinds of different ways to do it.

I will order the book and I’m thinking of joining RHA.

Thank u all.