Help with Dart's Dash Rugosa


I planted 30 Dart’s Dash May 2008 on a slope in western Maine with good sun exposure. They are doing relatively well but I have some questions/concerns.

  1. There are a number of yellowed leaves, but they seem to be of several different source/problems. The first is yellowing from the bottm up (maybe black spot?). The second is yellowing anywhere-even on the top branches. Finally, there are a number of leaves that are green with yellowing veins. So I think I have multiple issues.

Another problem is that I have no hips despite the fact that Dart’s Dash is supposed to be a prolific hipster! After roses bloom, a small hip starts and then it invariably dries up and drops off.

Of course, the final problem is the Japanese beetles, but that is another subject entirely! Please help! I bought the roses from Suzy at North Creek Farm, so I know they are of good stock but they are bringing unexpcetd issues.

The leaves at the bottom are probably turning yellow with age–or maybe seasonal abscission up there where you are (zone, please). If you’ve had dry weather, the leaves may be yellowing because of spider mites.

I’m not clear on the other two kinds of yellowing. Maybe they’re the same thing–nutritional deficiency of some sort, with a bit of chlorosis. If the soil is highly alkaline or too acidic, the nutrition is affected. Nutrition may make a difference in the setting and maturing of seeds. So may the presence of herbivores and insects of some kinds (not necessarily Japanese beetles, of whom we’re not speaking because that’s another subject entirely).

The beginning of seasonal color change may be underway too, depending on the sorts of temperatures there lately.

Probably Suzy could say more about it since she has grown that variety.


THanks for the response. I am in zone 4 and it is our wettest summer on record! BOttom leaves yelloed early. i will have soil checked for possibly lacking nutrients.

Hi Pat,

Could you post some pictures of the leaves for us? Rugosas are generally self incompatible- like apples. Good seed and fruit set typically happens when there are two cross compatibile ones in close proximity and pollinators to get the job done. For instance, there were many ‘Frau Dagmar Hastrupp’ roses in the U of MN Landscape Arboretum parking lot years ago and no hips, but the FDH in the shrub rose garden a mile or two away that were surrounded by other rugosas were loaded with hips.



Thanks, David. I have some pictures- how do i post them? Let me know and I will do so.

I had no idea that I needed other cultivars to set hips! Can I plant just 1 or 2 and how close in proximity?

thanks so much for the help!