Help remembering a pink polyantha like groundcover from J&P

I was visiting a nursery that had some old J&P shrub roses. There was one that was really nice that was a single pink and basically looked like a pink version of their Spring Fever (white) that came out at about the same time. The name wasn’t with it anymore. For a spreading wichurana groundcover type, it was actually pretty symmetrical and well behaved. It was full of hips too!!! Much more so than Spring Fever. Does anyone remember the name of that rose?

Good’n Plenty

Wild Dancer

Watermelon Ice

Wild Thing

THank you Kim!!

I bet it is Wild Dancer! THank you!!

You’re welcome sir! I’ve grown Wild Dancer for years and marveled at how wonderfully healthy it has always been. The foliage and wood are a bright, more yellower green with attractive red tints in the leaf stalks. It appears to be very fertile (both ways) and produces copious pollen which is very easily collected. It roots extremely easily and grows perfectly own root here. A very good plant all around for this climate.

Here are some pictures of that polyantha-like shrub just to confirm. It was given to this nursery for their test garden years ago under the test number 6328.

[attachment 1135 9282012JacksonandPerkinsroselabeled6238IMG_983973.JPG]

[attachment 1136 9282012JacksonandPerkinsroselabeled6238IMG_983971.JPG]

[attachment 1137 9282012JacksonandPerkinsroselabeled6238IMG_983972.JPG]