Help me with Hulthemia article

Please see my reply to Enrique’s question about Xerxes.

I’m trying to write an article on the breeding history of H. persica. I know much of Ralph Moore’s work (Sequoia is just up the road for me) but would like to know who else is working with it, who’s given up, Sproul’s work,what Chris Warner came up with, Robert Rippetoe’s success, and any history of hardii or Harkness and Cocker’s seminal thoughts. Anecdotes and war stories would be appreciated nearly as much as hard science. If anyone would like to share info on this topic I’d be very appreciative. Thanks in advance. John Birsner

Hi John, I never worked with persica. I saw too many failed attempts, mostly highly disease prone, seedlings bred by Ralph Moore before he finally made some headway.

Jim Sproul had some promising seedlings last time I visited.

I wouldn’t be surprised is ‘Xerxes’ is extinct.

I think there’s still plenty of work to be done with persica.

Disease and awkward growth habit are problematic as is retention of the floral character of persica.

Where’s the article to be published?


Here’s the previous Xerxes post…

I’m still looking for this, infact-- and Clare Grammerstorf.

Clare seems to be not extinct, but there’s seems to be differences in varities.


Christopher M.: Article will be for either Gold Coast Heritage Rose Group’s newsletter-that’s Jeri Jennings’ mag, or Kitty Belendez’s “Rose Ecstasy”, newsletter for Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society. It will be either a stand alone or maybe part of a “Road-trip” story about a trip up to Sequoia to talk to Mr. Moore about his colleague Walter E.Lammerts, but with RM at the doc’s office and Carolyn not busy and feeling chatty, I got a tour of the nursery and the history of RM’s work with H. persica. If you want to see my style, see rose rustle article in “American Rose” for April, 2006, I wrote. So far the road-trip includes Grapes of Wrath, Buck Owens, a Hiway 99 restaurant that had affixed a plane to look like it had crashed into it, the John Birch Society, Cold War and the Modess Feminine Napkin machine in the Sequia bathroom and how Modess was wiped out by a Kotex design and marketing coup. Just your average rose stuff.

Oh, I’m also trying to write a Lammerts article especially the organization of Descanso’s first Old Rose Garden, his hybridizing efforts, and not much about his Creationism thoughts. I’ll do WEL as another post, but I have to say, I’m really pleased so many of you have weighed in. Now: send me some persica info!

I think Kim Rupert and Mel Hulse did a taped interview with Ralph Moore about his recollections regarding Walter Lammerts.

That Modess machine has been there for years. I never thought to ask about it. I do feel more enlightened.

I don’t think the current crop of Moore persica hybrids were really ready for prime time. I do think it is important to get them out and about. There are plenty of people interested in acquiring them. If Mr. Moore were to wait till he was really happy with them it could be decades.

RR: Thanks for info about Kim and Mel interview. I will contact one or the other about it. Any idea if and where it might have gotten published?

Jeri Jennings says you and Kim talk hybridizing in the new Heritage Rose Group “Gold Coast” issue. Good on ya.

Just by coincidence,when I was up at Sequoia last Thursday, I had Kim’s “Little Butterflies” from Ana’s Roses, Lori Moffitt’s new rose nursery with an emphasis on old and unusual roses, with me. Seemed like they ought to have so I was pleased to trade Carolyn out. Took “Papa Gontier” home; Descanso doesn’t have it and you can never have too many Teas… I talked her into taking "Bermuda’s Kathleen also. They didn’t have that either.

Yet another tangential topic: Since I’ve been working in the Garden at Descanso, I’ve been lobbying Wen Wang to start up a “lost rose” section which almost happened but is sidetracked by the problem that the bed to be used has the oak fungus. There’s a thread on this in HRF Forum if anyone’s interested. I’m also politicking for more Moore’s in the mini section, and don’t you think something on “small-time but ardent and well-meaning American hybridizers” would be a worthy section?

Yes, Kim and I talk hybridizing on Goldcoast. I’m a member mainly because I am more allied to that group philosophically and this forum is less spontaneous in terms of response.

I love the garden at Descanso. I know gardens of this type have limited space and resources so it must be quite a challenge to decide what’s worthy of inclusion.

I would think Lammerts work would take precedence because of his history there.