Help in Identification

Is there a certain type/class of rose that has brown/maroon flower stalks and brown/maroon sepals covering the closed bud? I am trying to help someone identify a White, semi-double, suckering, Alaska grown rose.

Thank you.

Lori, I don’t suppose you would have a photo you could post?

I have 2 photos sent to me in an email. I could possibly forward them to an email address. Does the forum have an address? It doesn’t help that I am a computer idiot.


Lori, you can send them to me. I will try to post them for you. I sent you an email

Here are the photos Lori sent me for posting here.

Lori explained in his mail : In structure, it looks like my Austrian Copper with blooms on the branches. I looked on but couldn’t find anything. It has a faint scent and so far has only stretched out to four feet or so.

It only has shoots and no branches…just stems for the flowers. I think you can see the leaf structure in this shot. It is very thorny but hardy, shade tolerant and disease free.

For the second picture, please click on the link below