Heavenly Heights - Sensational Climber

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Rose hybridizers – I want to unveil a new sensational climber, 15K-07, which my wife has named Heavenly Heights. It’s a cross of seed parent Silver Jubilee X a climber I had bred previously, which has the seed parent Lilian Austin X pollen parent Summer Wine. This rose has some of Silver Jubilee’s color, but Silver Jubilee has been criticized because of short stems. This cross has very long individual stems.

It has glossy disease-resistant foliage, and has been a vigorous grower since it was planted. It is over 11 ft tall, even after being cut down to half that size last winter. It blooms continually and hasn’t disappointed in any way.

I have four rooted cuttings blooming in gallon pots. If anyone is interested in testing, let me know.

That certainly does look like an offspring of Summer Wine, but with a whole lot more flowers. Very nice bloom production and those stems do look good for cutting. How mature is the original climber seedling?

That’s very attractive, John. Nice job! If it’s eleven feet where you are, it should easily become twenty where I am. I wish I had somewhere to plant it for testing!

Hi Jackie,

This rose was a 2007 cross, so it would have been planted in the ground five years ago.

Summer Wine gives vigor to other roses.


John Jelinek

Hi Kim,

I’ve lived in Oregon for 43 years, but I grew up in Arcadia, California. My father had an acre with 6 ft of top soil where everything grew. I worked for a year at Deigaard Nurseries in Monrovia, CA at the retail store. I grew a lot of roses in Arcadia, but they were the commercial varieties. We were just two blocks down the road from Harry Rosedale’s nursery.

John Jelinek