Have you ever seen this?!?!?!?!


A rose is growing into another rose?!?!?

It’s not a rose which grows through another but it’s really from the center off the bottom rose.

Yes, unfortunately it is seen more often in certain varieties, under certain growing conditions.

It’s extreme proliferation.

Its proliferation, as Robert stated, and its a genetic abnormality that will plague the rose all its life. I see this occasionally in my seedlings as well.

You mean that every bloom will have a bloom growing inside or is this occasionally?

No, not every bloom and not always. David Austin’s Fisherman’s Friend is prone to do this; especially in the spring. I remember on one of my several annual trips down to Roses Unlimited Rose Nursery in South Carolina towards the end of March, the small rose bushes (own root) were starting to bloom and there were 6 or 7 Fisherman’s Friend plants about a foot high with their first spring blooms and all wearing their proliferations. Had read this variety was prone to it and had mine do it (plant since dead) and there they all were with their “cocked hats” standing at attention. Believe it was a spring phenomenon with FF


It happens with some gallicas after a cold & rainy spring.

cultivation practices can exacerbate proliferation (weather, fertilizer, etc.). But that is certainly one of the more extreme examples there. The second tier looks like it will open into a full flower.

I have a couple of roses that are prone to this. Both are found damasks. I’ve noticed two weird things about them though; later buds are much more prone to proliferation than earlier buds, and proliferation in these two roses is far worse after an application of Miracle-Gro (or fertilizer of any kind). The originals of these roses were found, one in an irrigation ditch and one growing alongside a pasture fence. Both are growing in very alkaline clay soil.

Very odd.


It means that you will frequently see this happen with this seedling, but not always. If there is a lot of Nitrogen available, it will be worse and more frequent.

Well it is very dry at the moment. And it didn’t rain much. It’s a golden celebration x europeana seedling.

Europeana is totally black of BS. I think this seedling will end up in the dumbster soon.