Have free Rosa roxburghi seeds...

I have 5 openly pollinated roxburghi seeds for anyone who calls for it first.

I don’t know what form it is, but it may most likely be the single.

I never collected it by purpose, it was quite a happy mistake. I was walking and I noticed a hip on my jeans and shoe lace. This makes me think that this rose must spread around by getting entangled on the fur of animals and dropping off at other places.

I feed the seeds to one of my ring neck doves (they were 8 seeds. Only 5 came back.) Specifically, it was Hermione… the youngest and largest of my ringnecks.

I’ve noticed that seedlings that are “birdy cleaned” are stronger and cleaner. I can’t say if it’s natural selection or there’s something about the process that makes the seedlings better. But, whatever it does, it makes germinations quicker. My Harison’s Yellow seedling germinated within 3 months (but others that weren’t birdy cleaned germinated only after a year of stratification.)

I’m not interested in working with roxburghi, but I know some of you may have some interest.

Take care,


Enrique I’d like to see if I can do something with a few if you still have them. I’m very intrigued by some of the more “out there” roses and am curious to see what they could add to a fledgling gene pool.

contact me at ryochi500@aol.com, I couldn’t access your email through the forum!

Oh and I have currently lots of gladiola seeds from some antique bulbs I got in the spring if you you’d like some of those in return. I always have a ton of gladiola seeds!