Has anyone tried this product?



Link: www.seedman.com:80/dampaide.htm

Henry this medium actually looks good, but I have never seen or tried it.

I use something called “Greenmix” as grow-media for my seedlings. It is made for orchids, and as I had a lot of it to my orchids, I thought I would give it a try for the rose seedlings as well.

It had worked very well for me, and I had actually eliminated all damping off, since I start using this medium.

So sometimes it is worth trying some alternatives.

see link:

Link: www.1-hydroponics.co.uk/grow-media/green-mix.htm

I start my seeds in “Sunshine Mix #4” and then cover with a 3/8" layer of fine clean river sand. I never had problems with damp-off since I started hybridizing in 1969.

I also use a disinfectant after shelling the seeds and again before planting them in the seed trays.

The disinfectant that I use was recommended by the late Wilhelm Kordes in his book, which I bought before I started hybridizing. The name of the product is ‘CHINOSOL’ and it comes in water soluble tablets. I get it from Germany and the active ingredients are 8-Hydroxychinolinsulfate and Kaliumsulfate.

I do “EVERYTHING” as I learned it from Wilhelm Kordes II’s book “Das Rosenbuch” (1966) in German.

Finally, I am getting the english version of the Kordes book now.

For more info, read my article ‘Rose Rage Interviews George Mander’ on my articles page.

George Mander

Link: www3.telus.net/georgemander/

I’ve never really had a problem with damping off in my environment. However, fungus gnats have consistently shown up for me. I suspect it is because I am bringing my potting soil in from outside and that larva were present when I brought them in. I actually see the little transparent larva buggers in my petri dishes from time to time and they can be horrible on newly germinating seedlings. If the dampaide helps with that, I might want to give it a try.

BTW, I did a search on the Chinosol, and it can be purchased in the US as well (see link below).

Link: www.piwine.com/store/product.php?productid=16930

I used a seed germinating soil from these folks. My seedlings during stratification came on very strong. I have 26 right now looking good. No fungus problems. Granted I am new to the practical end of things. However I’ve been pondering the information for 24 years.