Hardiness zone changes

This appeared on another forum. I feel that it should also be part of our records.

Link: arborday.org/media/map_change.cfm

Interesting. Now, all of NJ is zone 7, so I am no longer borderline! Thank you for the link, Henry.


Thanks Henry for the link. It’s hard to believe I’m now in zone 7!

Your communication appears to have some value. The last few years, we have not had the long lasting , bitter cold winters in northern Illinois. Thanks for the info.


Thanks Henry! I am not actually surprised to see the shift northward of most of the zones. I too am now officially zone 7.

A very nice link, thanks Henry. But darn it, I’m still Zone 4.

Wow…good zone 4! Finally I can try some Buck Roses!

Thanks a lot for the update!