Hardiness of Darlow's enigma

Does anyone know the realistic hardiness of Darlow’s Enigma. In my down South zone 9 it shuts down for the winter completely and is the last one in the spring to bloom which would seem to indicate it is very hardy yet several nurseries list it as zone 4 and zone 5 hardy. Thanks.


Cheryl Netter grows it in Denver, CO and says that it rarely has any dieback from Winter damage at all.


I saw Darlow’s Enigma years ago when Michael Darlow had his nursery in Seattle. He had been unable to identify it and thus its name. It was a huge overgrown thing so it had evidently been growing for some time in Seattle, which has mild winters!

Typically, it dies back by half or more in zone 4 Minnesota - I’d call it slightly better than snowline hardy there. It is slow to start blooming and earlier than many to finish up there, too, and there are certainly hardier roses that start earlier and finish later than DE.

I’m in Canadian zone 5b. The temperature goes down to -28 Celsius. Here, Darlow’s Enigma is only crown hardy. In the summer it grows to about 4 feet tall. So, it is fair to say that it isn’t a rampant climber in cold areas.