Happy New Year!

I just took these photos with my iPhone 3GS this morning. These are the last blooms of the year from the new seedlings in the greenhouse. We have moved out 1/2 of the seedlings and potted them up. Now, for the rest of them to go to make way for planting the new seeds.

This particular bloom is one of the most unusual colorations that I have seen. It is speckled orange with a yellow reverse. It almost looks like a New Year’s Eve celebration fireworks!

Happy New Year!

Jim Sproul

WOW – that is cool!

Absolutely beautiful Jim!

Its Stretch New Year!

Is it sizeable enough for florists? Even minifloras would work. They make a lot of nosegays now.

A Jackson Pollock portrait of Las Vegas.

/me approves of Don’s assessment!

Does it involve any of the Moore stripers in its pedigree?

Happy New Year to all.

Very nice!

Very nice Jim… So you r calling it “Happy New Year”… Ha ppy New Year Everybody…Larry

Beautiful Jim, lovely not only the colors with its variations but the structure and the form. The more one studies it the more interesting it seems.

Jim P…and a Happy New Year to you and the family.

That’s neat, Jim! Where did the stippling come from?

Happy New Year!

Jim, your rose is quite something! I really like it!

Is this a HT or Miniflora/mini rose type?

Happy New Year and all the best in the coming year to you and all the members of RHA. Great picture from an iPhone!


A very unusual but beautiful color. Congratulations on that one - definitely a keeper.

Happy New Year to you and all.

Thank you for all the fun comments! It is un-named, but looked like it fit the occasion. Maybe ‘Happy New Year’ would be a good name for it. It is probably a miniflora, but might reach the size of a floribunda. Jadae, it does look like the parentage that would fit the description that you gave it.

Paul, there are no stripes in it’s background that I know of, but one of the roses is an unknown Costco florist type rose (a great grandparent of this one).

The parentage is as follows:

‘Pearl Sanford’ X X “Unknown Costco Cutflower”)>

The coloring most resembles the unknown florist rose, but I am not sure where the stippling comes from. I am wondering if it is partly from the cooler weather, or perhaps it is a sport (the other blooms of this seedling had similar coloring, but I hadn’t noticed the stippling until this bloom).

I hope that everyone has a safe New Year! God bless.

Jim Sproul

Beautiful rose with a beautiful sentiment! Don you nailed it.

Jim that is a real novelty rose, yet another winner.

It has already been New Years Day here for 12 hours, and a HOT ONE[/u].

Happy New Year to y’all wherever you are!!!

That actually sounds rather nice, George! We have the first freeze warning of the year here. I am NOT into freezing weather. I’m far too tropical for that! Kim Happy New Year to all.

It’s even HOT HOT HOT down here too… Happy New Year :slight_smile: Kim, how about a house swap… all you have to do is feed all the animals, mow the lawns (a job like painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge), and try and keep everything from crisping :wink:

Jim, maybe this one could be called ‘Red Poles’… or ‘Cherry Bomb’ :slight_smile:

There are several unique florist roses out now.


Red Intuition, Pink Intuition, Crazy One, the Kordes series of Frisco mutations, Crazy Horse, Arrow Follies, an orange/yellow spray type, Soutine, Stranger, a pink/red spray type and Henri Matisse.


There are a few. Cherry Follies and some rustic orange/yellow blend.

Crazy One is my favorite.

Can I ask what the definition of a florist roses is? Is that a class or rather that it was bought at a florist shop? Thanks!