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One of the things about the Lillian Gibson saga that I ponder off and on (over the years it seems) is that Hansen definitely gave away plants…I can’t remember where I saw it but something sticks in my head about LG being the best one of a hundred seedlings, 74 being double and 26 single…I can’t find where I read that to verify it was LG…but what I’m wondering is if he would have given away some of its siblings to people or sent them out for trials. I’ve often wondered just what the other r. blanda roses that Mr. Campbell found back in the 70s were…High Country’s Nancy Parker/Champagne Arches is a gorgeous rose and I’m surprised it hasn’t been identified like their 'Victorian Memory"/Isabella Skinner has been.

Just my ramblings and wonderings…you’ll have to excuse me, I’ve been down with the flu and I think the “hot head” has my brain spinning.


In response to Stefan’s question from Jan 27, 2008,

“Has anyone tried contacting Sangerhausen about their roses?”

I have corresponded with a person that is doing a project at Sangerhausen. He provided this list of Hansen roses that are currently in the garden:

1927 Amdo rose (rugosa)*

1927 Ekta Rose (hybrid china)*

1927 Koza Rose (rugosa)*

1927 Minisa Rose (rugosa)*

1912 Tetonkaha Rose (rugosa)*

He remembers seeing Amdo, Ekta, and Tetonkaha last summer.

I am planning a trip to Europe in June of this year and hope to visit Sangerhausen. I wish I had more experience with making cuttings. I am looking into this possibility.


This was informative and I am glad I made my way to Jean’s site to learn my Dolgo crab I planted 10 years ago is credited to Hansen. It is about 10 feet tall and every season is weighted heavily with fruit.

I have also grown Alika for about 6 years and one of very few gallicas I have left and the only one not protected - it suffers some winters.

I’ve seen two references to Hansen in the past several months.

One (available on Google books) is a chapter devoted to Hansen in a high school audience book on the importance of emigrant Americans.

The second is in a book from 2008, by John F. Freeman, University Press of Colorado, “High Plains horticulture: a history.”

Not as much as I’d like to have seen about Hansen, but worth a look, if you’re putting a paper together.

It seems the function to get e-mail contact through this list is not available at the moment. That is why I have the courage to write this message here to all reading this Hansen Roses discussion. The basic reason is that I have miserably failed to find Hansen’s roses from Europe (Timo seems to have a contact, though) and - if finding - ordering a few plants from U.S or Canada seems quite impossible.

I sincerely hope I’m not too tactless, when trying to contact Wendy, Suzy and Jean aiming for to get some sticklings of Pax Iola (Pax Apollo and Pax Amanda, too, if to be found anymore), Zitkala, Tetonkaha and Lilian Gibson or quite any other Hansen rose. I surely would pay any costs wanted.


Vesa Muurinen, Finland

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