'Hansa' crosses

For what it is worth, I thought I would pass on some of the results of extensive ‘Hansa’ breeding last summer. Many hardy staminate parents were used. I had the best results with ‘Red Dawn x Suzanne’, Pink Laxa and Rosa moyesii ‘Geranium’ as staminate parents. ‘Charles Albanel’ was also good. The poorest results were with Rosa spinosissima cultivars and the related ‘Harison’s Yellow’. The Musk roses ‘Belinda’ and ‘Trier’ also were ineffective.

Rosa rugosa x Rosa moyesii I believe has never been done before and it will produce tetraploid progeny. My idea is to eventually obtain a true red Rosa rugosa hybrid, but in order to regain hardiness I will have to cross selections (if fertile) with Rosa rugosa x R. acicularis hybrids (‘Lac La Nonne’ etc.

The apparent excellent fertility of ‘Red Dawn’ x ‘Suzanne’

pollen is good to know. This may explain much of the success of the Explorer Rosa kordesii breeding program. It should be tried in other breeding programs, perhaps with some of the Parkland and Buck roses.


Is that ‘Red Dawn’ x ‘Suzanne’ the same plant that was used in breeding ‘Frontenac’ or is it the result of your own hybridizing?

I think R. rugosa x moyesii is a good goal. I assume that your clone of moyesii is hexaploid?


R. rugosa x moyesii is an interesting cross. Both of these are known in the field of edible landscaping for their large and flavorful hips. I would be interested in knowing the characteristics of the hips that this hybrid produces. I know that tetraploid apples produce huge fruit. If you are willing to share a few seeds of this cross, I will volunteer to evaluate it as a fruit crop.

-Mark Lee, Seattle

Dear Paul,

Sorry, this is a little off topic. I was wondering if you could e-mail me privately in regards to creating a rose garden in Saskatoon, if you’re still (or ever were) interested. You’re email address is not posted and I don’t know how else to get a hold of you. Thank you.

Koren in Saskatoon


The ‘Red Dawn’ x ‘Suzanne’ selection is the result of the

late Robert Simonet’s (Edmonton, Alberta)breeding work. Quite an attractive rose and hardy to Zone 3. Most of the

Explorer Rosa kordesii cultivars would not exist without Simonet’s work and this is often overlooked when Dr. Felicitas Svejda gets the credit (and deservedly so)for developing this popular series of roses.