Hair of the Dog - Useful!

I was listening to a piece on the news the other night - some guy is packaging human hair for fertilizer.

On doing some research, I found it breaks down very slowly in soil, so I was questioning the usefulness of using it. Then a lightbulb went off in my head!

I combed out some of my dog’s dense undercoat - very soft like mohair and put some clumps around the little seedlings in pots that needed some support. Wow it works much better than sand or perlite. MUCH better! And even more importantly, it keeps out the fungus gnats, lets the plant breath, keeps the strong sun off the delicate stem and keeps the little plant from blowing around too much in the wind. It also provides a light mulch so the topsoil doesn’t dry out so fast. And it’s free! Any fertilizer benefit is a plus of course, but I doubt that there is any. Since I water from the bottom, it doesn’t get wet, either, even when the water comes up to the top of the soil.

This is so great! Not too useful for flats, but great for small seedlings in pots.

It breaks down very slowly but it’s great fertilizer.

I just had to laugh when reading the thread posting! Many of our readers probably have heard of this expression. Checked Wikipedia - “Hair of the dog is a colloquial English expression predominantly used to refer to ingestion of alcohol as treatment for a hangover. It is a shortened form of the expression ?the hair of the dog that bit you.?” But yes, I have heard that it is a good fertilizer.

As horrid as wet dog hair smells, it has got to be an improvement on some of the organics I use.

I have heard of using hair of carnivorous animals as a deterent to certain pests, but that may be an old wives’ tale.

Discourages fungus gnats, eh? Too bad I don’t have more of the stuff to spare. You should have told me when I was still in my 20’s…

Lol, Philip. It doesn’t just discourage them, it keeps them off the soil without the hair itself getting wet and wetting the stem. It’s really working great! I wish I had discovered this before I had the gnats this year.

No downside that I can find.

You might have to get a bigger dog?

hehe, have you seen my dog? This is my last one but the current one is almost as big.


btw, I’ve got plenty of fur, so if any of you want some, send me an email with your address.

I can see why you are anxious to find a use for your excess doggy fur! Have you considered taking up weaving?

My team of hybridizing Chihuahuas can’t hope to keep up with the amazing production of your comrade.

It interesting you bring this up as I DO keep Chihuahuas in my hybridizing area. I have been using the fur I brush out as a top dressing for containers for years.

I’ve noted it takes several months to completely break down but the roses seem to love it.

Well I shave my head every 2 weeks. I think I’m going to sell hair now. lol.

Rofl! And all these years I’ve been throwing out all that fur!

judith, you can come to my house for all of the samples you want :slight_smile:

Here is an article some of you might find useful.



Finally! A use for the residue of my Black and Tan Shedder! What a great idea! Wish I still had Great Pyrenees, they’d be perfect!

You should have been at the dog show out here yesterday. Whew!

There was fertilizer everywhere.