Green Ice

I’ve been wondering if Green Ice is useful at all as a parent. Most of the blossoms on mine have a vegetative center but some of them have stigmas and several have a couple of stamens/anthers. There aren’t enough to even hope for its use as a pollen parent but I’m wondering if anyone has any experience using it as a seed parent.I have one hip developing on mine now and am watching to see if it aborts.

If it has any fertility at all I was thinking of using it with some of the Austin rose and kordesii hybrids.

I have never seen hips.

I removed petals from several blossoms today and found a number of stigmas. I used a mix of Pat Austin and Tamora pollen on those. The openly pollinated hip is still on the plant and growing. Keeping my fingers crossed that something takes.

update: 21 days later I still have 7 hips on the plant. Previously three hips dropped off after approximately 2 weeks. Three of the remaining hips are ones that I used the Pat Austin/Tamora pollen mix on. The rest are OP. One thing I noticed is that for the three mixed pollen hips the pedicel turned a deep red color whereas for the 4 other OP hips the pedicel has stayed green. There is hip swelling for all 7 hips but much more so for the pollen mix hips. One other difference between the OP and mixed pollen hips is that I left the sepels on the mixed pollen ones and removed them from the OP hips. The only reason I used Pat Austin and Tamora pollen was because it was the only pollen I had available.

The hope is for a fertile seedling of ‘Green Ice’ that carries on the disease resistance and shade tolerance that GI displays into new mini varieties.

Hi Rob, Just wondering what the outcome of this was? Reason I ask is that I had a number of OP hips on my GI that I stratified and I’m waiting to see if they germinate. My GI is (at the moment) placed a long way from any other roses so I feel it was probably self polinated. The shade tolerance was what I was thinking of combined with a climber because walls etc are often quite shady and roses often struggle in these places. The hips contained only one seed in each.

Hi Simon. You were luckier than I was. Although the hips on my GI enlarged, they all dropped off. Some hips were on the plant for over a month. No seeds ever developed and I was very disappointed. I’m glad to hear that you had seeds develop! I hope you get some germination and I would love to hear anything in the future about any success you have with these.