'Green Ice' seedling update

Thought I’d put up an updated photo of my little OP ‘Green Ice’ seedling. It’s doing nicely on its own roots in its second year but is still only about 10cm x 10cm. The flowers have faint perfume and are a nice light pink when they first open fading to white as they age. The plant is not as clean as I would have hoped. It behaves exactly the same as ‘Green Ice’ which starts the year spotty here and as summer dries things out and new clean growth appears it then remains clean. The flowers are about 3cm in diametre.

It has been flowering constantly for the last 4-5 weeks and is showing no signs of letting up.

Good for you Simon.

Looks very nifty.

Sometimes, it takes time.

I have an op Pillow Fight seedling (my plant never sets hips… this was a one hip, one seed opportunity) that didn’t do good at all. Now it’s approaching its 3rd year and it looks VERY healthy,comparable as its mom.

The pollen parent maybe Lynnie. Becuase the plant are together, and the foilage reminds me of Lynnie, the flowers has a sort of Lynnie look (specifically, the stamens) and the color of the flowers.

It’s seems to have problems with fertility, but I had one OP seed this year. Maybe I will get something even better next year…

My Pillow Fight never sets hips either… it’s not a real good doer here either. It flowers well but the foliage seems to spot at the drop of a hat. I’ve just cut mine right back (we are in Early Summer) because it defoliated so badly this year.

the foliage of Pillow Fight in my garden is impervious to disease. I think my seedling may be of commercial interest, but unlike it’s parent… the petals are very anchored so they tend to hang on the plant for quite a long while. It made an OP, so hopefully it will germinate and give me an even better seedling.

Beautiful seedling! Well done!


I really love ‘Pillow Fight’ but I don’t spray in my garden and this is its second year where it has started the season off poorly. A lot of roses do here (Australia, zone 9b). They start the year off spotty and then as summer approaches and things dry out they come good. Pillow fight does this and I won’t get a good show out of it until Autumn. This little ‘Green Ice’ seedling (I call her ‘Kindred Ice’ after its parent and my location) is the same. She looks really nice now but also started the year poorly, as did her Mum; ‘Green Ice’. I think ‘Kindred Ice’ will improve as time goes on and she develops into a larger stronger plant. She’s starting to put out strong new canes now and with any luck will hit 30cm or so by autumn.

Hoping to to add to the ‘Green Ice’ descendants list this year too :slight_smile: Checked the parent plant to this one this afternoon and it has LOTS of tiny OP hips forming all over it. There may be as many as 50 hips forming so far and if they are anything like the previous hips I’ve collected, each one will have only one seed in it. I’m assuming that they will be mostly self-pollinated given the shape of the flower (it looks like cross-pollinating would be difficult to achieve) but it is has a lot of ground cover roses like Flower Carpet - Apple Blossom, Flower Carpet - Red, Yellow, Our Rosy Carpet, Red Cascade, and Nozomi so could be interesting this time around. :slight_smile: