Graham Thomas x Ormiston Roy

Two years ago I made the cross Graham Thomas x Ormiston Roy. The latter is a xanthina and spinossisima hybrid and in the parentage of Golden Wings. It is growing in the Wageningen botanical gardens and when I saw it in flower it impressed me with its deeper-than-expected yellow flowers. The cross took and I had germination, but because it was so easy I thought it was a self. I never paid much attention to the small seedling flat and it dried out and the seedligs died.

When cleaning up the greenhouse this year I noticed that some of the dead seedlings had a lot of small needle-like thorns. I figured the cross must have been sucessful after all and I was disappointed I did not spend more attention to these seedlings. I decided to water the flat and hoped that more seeds would germinate. Well, they did. I now have two wel-growing seedlings and some small ones that just germinated. One has the needlelike thorns and different foliage. The other looks modern. They are still small, but maybe they will survive (one other suddenly died) and become interesting yellow-flowering plants!


THAT IS interesting! I wish ‘Ormiston Roy’ were more easily accessible in the states.

Apparently there is disagreement as to lineage.