Good disease resistant, quadriploid parents

Can anyone recommend rose parents that would be quadriploid, readily available, disease resistant, and readibly fertile?


Chris Mauchline

Is that the same as tetraploid?

Sorry, I don’t mean to poke fun, but I’ve never heard your term before.


There’s that old standby Carefree Beauty.

Although it’s not the most disease resistant here in the humid mid-Atlantic U.S., I would recommend trying ‘Bonica’ as a readily available seed parent. It makes a nice dense reblooming bush. I used to grow it myself, and have a few interesting seedlings from it using pollen of OGR (Old Garden Rose) types. Lately, I’ve seen two local shrubs that were only lightly pruned (if at all) and they are both covered in hips. I’ve been thinking of asking if I could harvest them.

Another rose that may be a little less commonly seen, but has really performed well for me and is fertile is the Griffith Buck rose ‘Prairie Harvest’. It always is setting hips and has been growing untended for six or seven years in a field.

Is that the same as tetraploid?

Yes, I apologize. Confused my prefixes that have a meaning of 4.

Chris Mauchline

Of the prerquesites you require that I personally grow, the following match:

Easy Going (probably Living Easy too but I dont grow it)(FL)

Remember Me (Ht)

Dortmund (Climber)

Sympathie (Climber)

Scarlet Moss (Patio)

Erfurt (Shrub) …this thing is amazingly fertile.