Golden Eye

Has anyone played with this one yet? Kim


I’d assume that Sevilliana (Meilland) is one of the unknown grandparents. It was a decent rose (Golden Eye) in person. I don’t think that garden in Hillsboro, OR was sprayed. Its only fault that I saw personally was that it looked boring, but that is no sin in hybridizing, as well all know.

It has a nice bloom and foliage remains very healthy. It is a bit on the "leggy " side with respect to growth but would probably be stunning in a bit warmer climate. It is not quite suited for my Zone 3–four specimens only lasted a season or two when tested at the Leif Erikson Rose Garden in Duluth, MN, which is Zone 4 close to the Lake (Superior). Unfortunately, both plants I purchased developed very large basal crown gall the first season and I ended up discarding both after only a summer or two (they were purchased in two consecutive years). I can tell you that no crosses took as a seed parent (although it sets OP hips), but the pollen is fertile. I have two seedlings from it that were crosses from Carefree Sunshine x Golden Eye. I’m not certain why I did this cross as it is doubtful that the seedlings would survive here. However, what I did find out is that Golden Eye is one of those reds that lets lighter colors come through. One of my seedlings is a pale creamy yellow single. The other is a coral pink single–much like Ping Lim’s “All the Rage”. That’s about as much as I remember.