Golden Celebration Seedling

Hi, all,

A while ago I wrote about a Golden Celebration seedling that was turning out to be pink… Well, that flower has bloomed several times now (I’ve even clipped off a few buds to encourage growth, which didn’t help…). The color that I thought was going to end up pink darkened with each new flower and finally seems to have stabilized at this. Some flowers have even more central striping than this. Thought you’d like to see it.

I like the veining on the petals. Is that an open pollinated seedling?

I love it!!

Very nice. I like the color on this one.

Yes, it is. Haven’t got a clue who Dad might be.

What are possible suspects?


Is the wonderful star shape given to the bloom by the outer petals fairly consistent. Color is great – I should be so lucky as to have a “pink” rose like that one day – if I live long enough!

Congratulations – Bob Zone 9

Hi, all,

Bob, the star shape is still there but as the plant is maturing the inner petals are becoming larger so it isn’t as obvious, alas. This is definitely a plant I’ll get self-pollinated seeds from as I’d love to keep that shape!

Jadae, possible suspects… hmmm… any of about 100 roses in my own garden, 50 in a garden across the road. The repeaters closest to it in the garden (since it bloomed the first year I’m fairly certain Dad is a repeat bloomer) are Oranges ‘n’ Lemons, Ruby Meideland (sp?), Mme. Pierre Oger and a nondescript red mini that somebody gave me as a pet.

One thing I forgot to mention about this rose is that it has a nice, strong lily-of-the-valley fragrance!

More pictures of it in the link below.



It’s beautiful! Looks like a keeper for sure. I like the name you gave it, that’s a pretty Japanese name.

You’re website is fantastic by the way.


Like Max I loved your web site. Which raises another question. How is Monster doing? I’d love it if you would set up a thread to keep us posted on that one.

Thanks, Bob

Hi, Bob,

Monster is doing just fine. I really should update its web page (I’m in the middle of updating that entire site). A thread about it? Well… there isn’t much to say yet. Every day I go out and tell it, “Moss! Purple! Spots!” Just to remind it what it’s supposed to do! It’s just coming in to leaf after a very cold April so, we’ll see.


Hi Fara:

Many thanks. I’m intrigued by Monster. Hope it does as instructed.

Regards, bob