I crossed Gingersnap with George Burns, Pinstripe and Lynnie. The Gingersnap/Lynnie crosses hips are all split and burning in the hot sun. The first cross was made on 4-26 and I plucked one crossed on 4-28 to run some tests because this is not considered an improtant cross and I have more than enough. I plan on using Lynnie/OP hips to run the same tests run in England with compost activator later this year when Lynnie’s hips ripen. So I decided to use this hip to run this same compost activator test because I thought these hips would not be very viable burning in the hot sun. So the first step is crush the hip and let it soak in distilled water for three days and then seive them and rinse them and air dry them. well I did all that today and when I was ready to put them in the poly bag with the vermiculite and compost activator I noticed one of the seeds had a root and also a small feeder root coming from the main root. And then I noticed three more with the main roots coming out, so I planted them and we will see if they continue to germinate. The rest were put in the compost activator/vermicualite bag. Now this hip was one month old when I plucked it. Has anyone ever heard of seeds one month old germinating three days after being picked? Is it because Lynnie is such a good parent, is it because the sun dried out all the inhibators, what? Would appreciate any comments. thanks. will keep you informed about the progress of this experiment.