Germination Times


I am curious about how long it takes for some species rose seeds to germinate. My current understanding is that many species roses take 2 years to germinate, and then another 2 years to flower.

Can this germination process be huried. Could I expect seeds of this nature to germinate after being in the fridge for 2 months, then a cool closet at about 65 F for 2 months, followed by another 2 months in the fridge and then finally brought back out and placed into the closet? This would be a total of 6 - 8 months of varied temps. Is this enough to start germination?

I was also wondering if I could get some help determaining what kind of time till I can expect germination for the following seeds.

R. xanthina

R. piminellifolia

R. roxburghii

R. sweginzowii

R. davurica

R. holodonta

R. filipes ‘Kiftsgate’

R. soulieana

R. pomifera

R. sempervirens

R. rubiginosa

I have had these in the fridge for about 2 months now.


Seeds of Rosa xanthina, R. spinosissima, R. roxburghii, R. davurica, R. pomifera and R. eglanteria, I am inclined to always give a warm treatment for 2 months before being stratified in the fridge. Rosa spinosissima usually takes 2 years to germinate, the others (I’m not positive about R. xanthina) will take a few months. Seeds of species from warm climates probably do not need a warm treatment before being stratified.