germinating seedling

I noticed this while I was checking the seedlings for moisture. At first I thought that I had accidentally put two germinated seeds in the same place (which is a possibility). However, I don’t have that many germinations right now, so I am working very slowly, placing each germinated seed in place with a pair of tweezers. I noticed they were really close, actually touching, especially when I carefully loosened the soil and lifted them a bit: they were touching all the way down. They did, however, separate easily and I potted them separately. Now I wait to see if they survive my intrusion.

So, what do you think? Did I make a mistake and put them in the same one? Were they just close enough to be growing up together? or how does the twin thing work? I thought I read someone had twins? Any thoughts?

The fact that they germinated in tandem and were juxtaposed lends support to them being ‘twins’, two embryos in the same seed. Time will tell.

What are they?

Aloha hawaii was seed parent. Time will tell, but one of three pollens: Wasagaming, A Shropshire Lad, or Lilian Austin. There were a cluster of blooms and I used either one of the English Roses pollen along with Wasagaming pollen hoping to make it more receptive. Hopefully I am correct and will be able to tell the pollen parent by the growth and bloom.