George.. .

Email me tonight at s.a.voorwinde at RE: a hulthemia seeds lead I have.

Hi Simon.

I have had to literally search the entire cyber-Earth, over the last two years plus, to locate my source, and that source is no-one from this forum.

Unfortunaltey in this case I really am not at liberty to disclose details. It will stuff everything up, to be sure!

Some say I have no faith… :0) danged right! I will believe I have a hybrid persica when I get seed, it germinates, and it has a blotch. LOL!

Will talk with ya about it then! I am happy to trade with you down the track (hoping you also get the same luck!).

It would be totally insane if in the end both of us have the same source o_O

Just email me :wink:

Jim has offered to send some OP seed over and I need your address etc

Congrats to you, Simon.

Ah yes, I can see us doing a trade down the track with the F1, to be sure!

My seed is not from USA/RHA, it will be interesting to compare the two batches of F1.

Forget emails etc, just get on with the job and germinate the seeds Jim sends you, and good luck!


Totally out of context, George :stuck_out_tongue:

what do you mean Jadae?

Simon’s pitch for persica seed preceeds my pitch in terms of time, and I can very well remember him writing about his excitement of the prospect he might one day get seed from Jim. That was years ago now.

Simon also shows nothing but grace and charity, on this thread.

Again, congratulations Simon. Yes you’ve got to be in it to win it, as you recently told me on your ET vs MB thread.


This is getting counter productive… have gone to email.

Hi Jim Sproul!

Since the last entry on this thread, I would like to let you know that I received an email from Simon explaining clearly that you wished me to have some of your persica seed, via himself.

You are a very generous man, thank you for that splendid offer!

I am very excited for those Down Under who are reading this, and who will receive this great seed. What fun for y’all!

If I was writing this entry like only even 1 month ago, I would have pounced on this seed, but by a very insane coincidence, an unexpected source came up and answered my pitch for such seed, about one month ago, as explained further up here.

Yes, it will be great to have your seed too, but since my very noisy pitch for persica seed ended here a while back, I think it is even better now that others can receive it instead of me, via Simon. This pleases me even more!

Truth is, I am also very excited about my seed too, and I can’t wait to germinate it!

Hi Simon,

Some of your “communications” directed to me in that same email were read in good humour, but the content was rather hurtful. Imagine if I sent you such an email how would it make you feel??

Let cool heads prevail, please!

Cheers to all.

Happy persica hybridizing, Down Under!!


I said that it is out of context because you are being literal with my initial intent, which is (fill in your own blank). The intent of my words were relative, social, and so on. I used them because I had felt that your response was counter to this place being one where “risks are okay, even if they produce little.” Its conceptually akin to the idea of “Well, we want to see our “church” produce results,” which is counter to the idea that the “church” is for the people. When the product/“church”/whatever object or objective becomes bigger than the people, then the entire spirit is at risk. In other words, the church becomes greater than its people. Its very easy to forget that the very bonds of communication are the very backbone of us as a people, no matter what the subect, object, or objective is. So… my words were abstract, relative, etc – not literal at all !!! Please do not misrepresent them or my being as a person.

Hey Michael.

Thank you for you reply.

Wow, a lot going on there.

Maybe this thread can now have an additional title added to it as … cryptic!

I love it!

I love ya’ll…rosy intellectuals!!


Get on with ya rose hybridizing!

…and I am all for risk taking. I wouldn’t be bothering contributing a single written word on this forum, (or even on this highly strange thread) if I wasn’t a risk taker myself.

There is no ambiguity in wishing somebody good luck as such, unless the reader himself takes it out of context.

LUV from OZ


It is obvious that some of ya here are extremely passionate about rose breeding. That is fantastic.

It comes out in all sorts of different ways, some in pictures others in firey passionate writing, others more intellectually, others solitary and more silent, others in emails and blogs, and on and on and on it goes… others just plain ol factual/scientific-and nothin’ else :astonished:)!!!

It is all good, I do feel I am amongst friends here, and the means ALL OF YOU!

(LOL please take that in the right context!)


No, George, I was pretty clear. The take-home concept is that a positive, constructive, cooperative, and progressive atmosphere is what this place is all about. Do not ruin it. We have already lost interest by some from the whole religion debate. We do not need to lose more because the atmosphere has become chaos, and respect for another’s being is lost. That’s a fast track way to destroy relations and not have communication whatsoever.

It is that simple.

What in the hell is going on here???

Ah yes, thank you for that Jadae.

Anything else to say??


Lets consider this particular discussion concluded and move on to our core agenda: discussing the mechanics, aesthetics and goals of our work :slight_smile:

Pollen gathering has begun. I ought to post a list of pollens coming available. Watch for it.