Fuzzy seedlings?

My Belle Epoque x Rosa primula seedlings are starting to become fuzzy feeling. Neither parents are fuzzy. Ive never experienced this treait before. What causes this? It’s like Linda Campbell-- especially the backside of the leaflets.

Um, mildew? Lol.

Modification of the prickles? I’d love to see a photo?

Undoubtedly some some unique characteristics to come out of R. primula.

That’s one of the reasons I love playing with species. They are full of surprises.

I’m now noting a tendency for smooth seedlings out of subsequent generations of my banksia hybrids. The smooth character is in there. I just have to select for it.

I wonder how many seasons you will have to wait to get flowering?

Budding your hybrid to a mature understock might help things along?

I budded Amber Cloud to a young but flowering specimen of Kim’s ‘Nessie’ in my propagation area and it is covered with buds now in only it’s second season.

At the same time I also budded Amber Cloud to R. gigantea because I got tired of waiting for R. gigantea to flower. It shows no sign of flowering but is making tremendous vegetative growth.

Obviously immaturity of the understock is affecting flowering in this case.

It’s hard to explain unless youve touched a rose like Linda Campbell. But the leaves feel fuzzy. They have some down on them. If I remember right, the entire florer stalks and buds of Linda Campbell are fuzzy, too.

I can get photos this spring when theyre bigger. I dont have any type of micro lens for it to show.

I think I know what you mean. I’ve seen that in some of the Musks, like new growth on’La Mortola’.

I noticed fuzz on the OP seeds of Bract X Clino… the space where I can stick a finger between the thorns are indeed fuzzy.

I think that’s a very nice trait… I would love roses to be not only thornless but velvety to the touch like Linda Campbell.

Oops, I missed this part: " wonder how many seasons you will have to wait to get flowering?"

2-3, I hope. They dont seem to be the mass-growth, all-foliage types like some.

Im not gonna bud. I know how. Ive done it before, as well as conifers, but I prefer not to. I want to see how things perform own-root at “minimal to average garden care”.

Ive yet to see La Mortola!

So, the only commonality bewteen all of the fuzzy cultivars is that theyre closely related to species that have little relation whatsoever(rugosa, random syst. section types, primula). Weird. The only expection I note is that bract. has fuzzy buds.

Oh, theyre all highly thorny species…

ahem I mean “prickle-intense” lol