Frozen Seeds

Ok…I had a little mishap with the seeds in my refrigerator this year. I have an “extra” refrigerator in the basement with nothing but my seeds in it. I was trying to adjust the temperature up by a few degrees and ended up with it dropping down to right around 32 degrees instead. Most of the seed containers (I use petri dishes) got at least a little frosty, and some that were in direct line of the air flow actually froze (not entirely solid, but pretty close). I think they were like this for about 1 or 2 days.

I’m guessing that I damaged quite a few batches to the point that I may not get any germinations from them at all.

Anyone else have experience with something like this? Did the freezing completely ruin your germinations?

Michelle, my neighbor gave me rose seeds that had been kept in the freezer for 5 years, and they germinated just like non-frozen seeds. I would just treat them as usual.

The same thing happened to me last year Michelle. I had one of the best germination rates ever. The seed almost seemed to respond favorably. Of course, I may have lost some too.

I’ll never know.

I have had some of the Gallica/Damask family of seeds exposed to temperatures as low as minus 20F and still they germinated. However, plants with a lot of China/Tea ancestry certainly would not fare as well, so it depends how tender the parents are. I doubt your seeds will suffer much damage from those temps.

Ahhh…all of you are making me feel much more optimistic now. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: Guess I am just being a little impatient at the moment for germinations knowing that this was something that happened out of the norm for me.