Frozen Rose Seeds

I thought I’d add this little tidbit to the forum, under the “collective knowledge” category. A friend of mine brought home seeds he took from a “wild” as he called it, rose bush in Sweden when he was there in 1998. He brought them home and put them in the freezer where they remained until Sept 03 at which time he gave them to me. I put some in baggies and also sent some to Jim T. Now, these seeds have been in the freezer for over 5 years! Guess what? One just germinated and the others are looking very healthy!

That is interesting Judith. Hey, maybe this is some of record. Keep us posted on how the plant ultimately turns out.

The seedling is in Jim T.'s possession. How’s it doing, Jim?

It is very small but healthy. It has just started developing its first true leaf.

I just found two more germinating seeds in this batch. I’m amazed that seeds frozen for 5 years are still viable. It just goes to show how tough rose seeds are.

Jim are they in the fridge or out? At what temperature? Mine haven’t germinated yet.

I took mine out of the fridge about three weeks ago. They are in a room where temps range from the 50s to 60s. Maybe the frequent passage of low pressure systems through the area has helped to stimulate germination? Almost everything is germinating well at the moment.

Did your neighbor indicate that there were blooms on the plant when he collected the hips? If so, then the mother plant was probably remontant. On the other hand, the seeds and seedlings look more like species than hybrids. It will be interesting to see how they develop.

Yes, he did say there were blooms, Jim - as he recalled, red ones, but he wasn’t sure.

He said they may have been white, and he said he was there in the summer, he THINKS possibly in July.