Freezing pollen for next season

The weather here has turned cold and we’ve had two freezes already down to -1 (Celcius) and winter is not yet officially upon us for another 3 weeks(ish)… the top 1cm of the dog’s water bowl froze solid… it’s going to be a cold winter! This has not deterred my Rosa wichurana plant from putting out a handful of flowers (and the weird thing is my tiny R. gigantea graft that I made (onto multiflora) a few months ago has sprouted and the little 5cm shoot has terminated in a bud too - weird). I am skeptical of them developing fully and eventually opening fully but in the event that they do I was hoping to freeze the pollen to put on early season flowers (like R. laevigata and even ‘Golden Chersonese’ maybe) that appear before everything else in the coming spring. So I was going to do as I would normally to extract the pollen; remove the anthers, place them in a small container until the pollen dehisces, putting the small labelled container (I use small beading jars to collect pollen) in the freezer immediately after dehiscence and then in spring when I need it I would take it out, leave the lid on and allow it to come to room temperature and then pollinate.

Just wondering… this is the first time I will attempt to freeze and use pollen… so have I missed anything?

That sounds like a perfectly reasonable procedure, Simon. Just make sure the pollen is completely dry before freezing it, and use a container that is as air tight as possible. Its not a complicated process. What you have described sound just like what I do.

Yep! Sound reasonable to me too, Simon.

Best of luck to you, Tom

Simon…Where do you live… sounds like australia…

Yes Larry… I live in Australia (Tasmania). Just in the process of picking hips now and getting them ready for stratification.

Checked the wichurana buds and they are still firmly closed… not really expecting them to open. There is snow on the mountains (Cradle Mountain) behind us already so I think it will just go to sleep instead.

Hi Simon

I live in western NSW,not as cold as you and very hot in summer.

Would like to compare notes on techniques for our seasons and conditions

If interested Email""

Russell Cole