freezing old pollen

I have pollen of an essential rose, but this week I have concentrating on other things but roses. I left it to dry on the 1st of May, and today is May 7th. Is it recommended that I freeze dry it as I had intended? I have the silica gel, and baby food jar ready, but would like some input, today if anyone is reading. When does rose pollen start to lose viability when fully exposed to air?


It appears to depend on many variables including the variety, time produced in the season, humidity, temperature, etc.

From my web page: “Preferably, the dried pollen should be used immediately. If the pollen must be stored, it probably can be kept for several weeks in a refrigerator or for about nine months in a freezer (this is a general statement - how long a given set of pollen will live depends on the variety and even on the growing conditions of the individual plant). After a week or two of refrigerator storage, you may not want to risk using the then questionable pollen on a variety for which you have only a limited number of blooms. Instead, you may want to use the pollen (by itself or mixed with other questionable pollen) on a variety that you have an excess of.”


Thanks Henry, I will use it next week when the rose I want to use it on is ready to flower