Free (Rugelda X R-15) cuttings for grafts or budwood

If you would like cuttings of (Rugelda X R-15) for grafting or budwood please let me know by private e-mail. (My experience is that it would be very hard to root this variety; that is why I say for grafts or budwood.)

Please follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Please reply by e-mail.

  2. Please make sure the name of the rose is on the request.

  3. Please give your name and post office address in a form that I can simply cut out, and tape to the package.

U. S. requests only. Sorry, it is my understanding that I cannot send cuttings outside of the U.S…

I will use a priority selection process based on when a request is received.


The cuttings requested so far have all been mailed. If you do not receive them in the next several days, please let me know.

So far I have no plans to assign a specific name to this plant as I feel it is best suited for further breeding and “(Rugelda X R-15)” is a short enough name to be used. It is a spring blooming 9 foot climber. If the blooming period would naturally extend in future years, then I probably will name it. It both sets seed and has viable pollen.

I do have 2 other plants from the same batch (year 2000 cross). One is a 4 foot shrub with a poorer form yellow flower (spring bloom also). This plant does get blackspot. It is winter hardy. It also is fertile both ways.

The third plant is a runt and has not yet flowered (or at least I have not seen it flower).

I am again (August 22, 2006) offering cuttings of (Rugelda X R-15). Please use the procedure outlined above.

If you do not bud, I suggest that you try an “approach graft” .


For those of you that requested the budwood, it was shipped Monday 1st Class. Please let me know if you are successful in getting plants. In zone 5 the plant is about 12 feet high (it germinated in 2000).

I budded Rugelda x R-15 this morning. The wood was of good size. I had to be creative with rootstocks.

I was pleased to find bark slipping on my probable tetraploid OP seedling of ‘Will Alderman’ from seed supplied by Joan Montieth.

The result ought to be very cold hardy. I hope it fourishes in Palm Springs.

Henry, the buds you forwarded seem to be starting to push.

It’s too much to hope for blossoms this Spring but it appears we have success. Thanks again, Robert