Free near species acicularis and amphidiploid hybrid rose seeds

As listed in the following web page, I have produced a number of hybrids with Basye’s amphidiploid and also a number with my suspected tetraploid acicularis. They should be useful for introducing disease resistance and/or winter hardiness into your modern roses.

This summer some of them produced open pollinated hips. They are:

(Illusion X John Davis) X acicularis

(George Vancouver X John Davis) X amphidiploid

(calocarpa X nutkana) X acicularis

acicularis X (Hansa X OP)

Will Alderman X amphidiploid

((Delicata X OP) X ((Therese Bugnet X OP) X OP)) X acicularis

The above are the mothers. Any seeds that germinate from them would have an “X OP” added to the above name.

If you are interested in any of these, please send me an e-mail with your list. Please include your post office address in a form such that I can simply cut it out and paste it to the envelope.

The procedure that I use to determine who gets what is by a modified “first e-mail arrives - first gets”. I say modified because let’s say you list 3 choices. If your e-mail is first you will get choice 1. Then your choice 2 will be considered after everyone elses’ choice 1 is filled. If your e-mail is not the first to arrive, and if your choice 1 is already spoken for; your choice 2 becomes your choice 1. Etc. The cut off date for consideration is midnight Sunday October 22.

There is no charge.