Francis Dubreuil

Does anyone have experience with Francis Dubreuil? It has two listed pollen offspring on HelpMeFind.

It is POWERFULLY fragrant, and to my nose carries more

I used it a few times a couple years ago. My results suggest that it is highly fertile as a pollen parent. Go for it. I would also recommend ‘Mons. Tillier’ as a pollen parent, as it is extremely fertile as a male.

I obtained this plant last winter and it has now settled in. Flowering its head off and setting hips at the same time. None of the pollen I put to it last spring took, but that may have been it still settling in.

From what I’ve heard here in Australia, we have a tetraploid ‘Francis Dubreuil’ - an old HT masquerading as a tea. Might be a different variety entirely to the one in the U.S.


I don’t pretend to know the answer, but this is a rose with a lot of controversy surrounding it. Ed Wilkinson of the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden has pointed out that the rose in commerce as Francis Dubreuil is the same as the rose in commerce as the 1932 Kordes HT Barcelona. I grow both and, though they’re separated at some distance in my garden, my general impression is that they are the same (though the garden is big and I’ve never bothered to do side by side comparisons). What name is correct, who knows.

I have, however, done germination tests with seeds from my Francis Dubreuil–a plant I got from Antique Rose Emporium–for it sets hips prolifically. Interestingly, a large percentage of the seedlings grew to be red Hybrid Perpetual types of plants, almost the same as if I were growing seeds from General Jack or Eugene Furst or something like that (and I have a ton of bloodlines I’ve worked out of Hybrid Perpetuals so it’s something I got good at recognizing). My guess at the time was that the Francis Dubreuil on the market now is actually a tetraploid closely allied to a recent Hybrid Perpetual ancestor, and not really a Tea rose at all. Again, I really don’t know. I do remember the seeds being very fertile, however, and the seedlings being healthy even if shy of bloom in the normal first generation Hybrid Perpetual way, but that was years ago and I got rid of them all at some point. But it’s definitely an easy parent.


Mine does look like it is “more” than a tea. I’ll report back next spring with results.