fragrant sports

Does anyone know of fragrance sporting one way or the other. Have we missed ‘twins’ --one fragrant, one not–because we haven’t conceptualized them this way or because one or the other gets tossed? Do breeders come up with such pairs?

I have no idea… but, I think roses can create “strains” in the same way that many people have different strains of the Brandywine tomato.

Hermosa is a rose that I’ve seen to differ ever so slightly, but differ none the less. I’ve seen clones that are a slightly darker, or the flowers slightly smaller. The scent slightly off compared to the other.

We have Peace roses that are sometimes more pink than yellow…

Once when I was at Orchard Supplies, I smelled one that had a very strong scent… yet, the others did not have strong scents. That was my only instance to have smelled a lovely perfume from Peace.

This could be blammed on degeneration and even undectable but progressive mutation.

At Roses Unlimited in South Carolina, Pat Henry found a cane of Frau Karl Drushki that had good fragrance. She separated it, rooted it and put it in the polyhouse that held their parent plants. When she went to look for it, it was gone (may have been sold).

Somewhere there MIGHT be a Frau with good fragrance. Or it might have reverted to the no fragrance version.