Has any one worked with this rose? How winter hardy is it? How is it as a rose in general.

What about Fruhlingsduft? I found Fr

I haven’t worked with ‘Fruhlingsduft’, but I have to a very limited extent with ‘Dr. F.L. Skinner’ that has essentially the same parentage. ‘Dr. F. L. Skinner’ has quite large hips and the seeds appear to germinate relatively easily.

I have used Fruhlingsmorgen once when somebody sent me the pollen, and used it on Orange Ruffels. Took me just over a year for the seeds to germinate, and they died. But I hope to use one of the Fruhlings roses again because of their enchanting fragrance with Applejack or other disease resistant shrub roses.

Here’s a little data on the “Fruhlings…” roses that are planted at the MN Landscape arb (no spraying or additional winter protection, zone 4). For winter hardiness rating, take that number add a zero and that’s the percent of live wood. For the diseases that’s the percent of total leaflets with symptoms of that disease.

In general, from crosses I’ve made in the past with Fruhlingsmorgen and Fruhlingsgold I’ve been disappointed because of blackspot. If someone was using other parents to cross with these Fruhling… roses than I did (modern minis like 'Rise ‘N Shine’ and ‘Orange Honey’ and shrubs like ‘Carefree Beauty’) things may be different. I’ve found more success in generating progeny using these roses as males.

Winter hardiness

Assessments made April of 1999 2001

Fruhlingsanfang 7

Fruhlingsduft 6 2

Fruhlingsgold 5 4

Fruhlingsmorgen 4

Assessments taken end of July of year indicated

Anthracnose Blackspot Powdery Mild

2000 2003 2000 2003 2000 2003

Fruhlingsanfang 10% 50% 0%

Fruhlingsduft 0% 0% 50% 20% 0% 0%

Fruhlingsgold 0% 0% 30% 30% 0% 0%

I sent Peter last July’s disease assesment of all the roses in this garden and maybe he’ll print it in the next newsletter.

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P.S. As I look at the previw message compared to how I have it typed, unfortunately, the nicely separated columns displaying the data are no longer there. For the most part which year and rating looks obvious, but for winter hardiness for …anfang and …morgan there is just 2001 data and for disease ratings …anfang is not listed for 2003 data.

The most disease resistant rose Ive grown that has descended from the Fruhlings is ‘Sue Lawly’. It isnt a shrub though as it is a patio floribunda (more like a patio shrub with huge flowers really). I’ll let everyone know if the seeds of Playboy X Sue Lawly germinate well this coming spring.

Thanks for the great info. I think I will add a couple of the Frulings… for 2005. I want to work with Lichtk

Another one you might consider is a very hardy yellow blend shrub, Jan’s Wedding. It was hybridized by Dr Neil Adams here in WA state and is fairly disease resistant at least for us. Parents are Dornroschen x Lichtk

Thanks for the suggestion John. I will look into Jan’s Wedding. I was considering Dornroschen as a parent but hadnt put it on my list for next season.


I had good luck with Dornroschen this year.

Jan’s Wedding has been good pollen and seed parent for me for the two years I’ve used it. I like it’s hardiness(zone 4b),flower color and bush form. Heirloom’s not listing Jan’s Wedding in their 2004 catalog. Not even in their limited quantities listing. Dornroschen has been a disappointment in passing on it’s dominate deep pink color.


I just ordered Jans Wedding from Heirloom’s. They do have it. Its not listed under climbers. I did a search on the website and it brought up the rose.