Fortuniana or multiflora seed source within Australia?

Are any of the Aussies on this site able to advise on a source for Fortuniana or Multiflora seed within this country?

I have a load of OP multiflora seed at the moment George… but I can do even better than that for you… I have whole lot of struck cuttings and I can send you a few if you like… or I can send you loads of cuttings you can strike yourself. Fortuniana is thought to be a hybrid between laevigata and banksiae and so will not breed true if you find seeds. I noticed Misty Downs has it on their mailorder list though… see link below. If you purchase it I would be interested to hear how it performs for you in Sydney.


Thanks Simon for your generosity!!

I have a sandy loam type soil as I am very close to the coast.

Both Fortuniana and Multiflora rootstocks have performed equally well here for me over the years (“six and half a dozen off the other”, at least as far as my garden goes).

I am looking to replace my recently culled rootstocks (which were cutting-derived) with fresh seed-only material. Reason being, they had virus.

I would love some of your multiflora seed. How can we organise this?

shoot me an email via the email link here or visit my Australian rose forum (see link)… how does 50 seeds sound? My rootstocks haven’t shown sign of virus either though I haven’t had them tested/indexed. Your call :slight_smile:


Simon…I just sent you an email on the link here on this forum. Let me know if you got it.

Regards, George.

Got it George :slight_smile: I’ll get them packed up tonight and in the mail tomorrow.

Thank you Simon

Although I have used Fortuniana by striking cuttings supplied to me from a grower, I have never seen it flower, as I always proceed to bud onto it as a rootstock well before it has flowered.

NOW after reading a bit more about Fortuniana, I discover that it aborts its flowers, and NEVER sets hips… Is this true??

Does it produce pollen? Maybe it could be used that way? Discussions in the archives here suggest it is sterile.

George… posted the seeds away this morning… you should get them in a few days.



You are a legend Simon.

I am going to order some more Fortuniana cuttings now, and this time will retain one as a specimen in a huge deep cement pot I have. I will let it do its own thing and mature, and see what it actually DOES in Sydney’s climate (in terms of fertility).

Sorry I don’t have any cuttings you like in exchange, but I can send you a few unrooted Fortuneana cuttings (assuming this order goes through… it can take a few days for the guy to confirm he has supply).

BUT…is Fortuniana going to be ok in the Tasmanian cold??

Also, while I think about it, are there any quarantine restrictions for sending rose material from NSW to Tasmania???

Hi George,

Regarding Fortuniana and the cold… there is a post in the archives here from a member growing it in zone 6 (a or b… can’t remember which). The area of Tasmania I live in is rated as US zone 9b (most of the time :wink: ). I think her name was Ann. I also have laevigata (and ‘Anemone’) and banksiae (both alba plena and lutea) growing here and have ordered gigantea and bracteata as well. Teas seem to grow ok here too as Comtesse de Labarthe (Duchesse de Brabant) seems to be evergreen here so far and is still putting out new growth, Lady Hillingdon still has its leaves and Souvenir de MME Leonie Viennot also has at least a few of its leaves. So… I think Fortuniana would also do ok. I’m not overly fussed about trying it for anything apart from a rootstock option at this point but would love to try some cuttings down the track if you have any spare. I was actually thinking it would be nice to try and propagate some of your ‘Eiffel Tower’. I’ve never grown this variety and think its nice high buds might add something good to crosses in the future :slight_smile:

As far as quarantine to Tasmania goes… the word from Quarantine is that all mail coming in from the mainland goes through Launceston where Quarantine have an office and an x-ray machine. I have been advised that all mail is scanned with this machine as it comes in (though I have my doubts as packages I have received in the past have gone through without being opened despite beng clearly marked as containing rose propagating material… but I would rather be safe than sorry). Packs containing rose material need have written on the front “Contains rose propagating material” and a quarantine officer would take the parcel aside, inspect it for leaves, soil, and insects, and then repack it and post it on to me. If there are any leaves, soil, or insects they would destroy it. This is a free service they provide for non-commercial quantities of plant material.


As luck would have it, I have just received confirmation of the Fortuneana cutting order. I should have the material by mid-next week I imagine, as it is coming from rural Victoria.

Would you like me to send you a few Eiffel Tower cuttings as well as a few Fortuneana cuttings?


I would love it George :slight_smile:


Ok then, you will hear from me as soon as the material is available to send off to you.


Simon, I have the cuttings for you. Send me and email with your delivery details.


Hi Guys,

My experience with Fortuniana is that it will flower, but will abort the flowers without setting hips.

I suspect that the flowers are aborted more often in damp and/or shaded areas.

So far I’ve not attempted to use its pollen - I haven’t even looked for any.


It is interesting Rod.

If I have the patience, I will try and polinate from it’s flowers in the coming years, but I first have to wait for the cutting to get started!

Well, now we are in the begining of our spring. All of my fortunaeana cuttings (which I had potted up since early winter) have spent the entire winter with well developed calluses and top growth, but still no roots.

I decided to throw them all out, and not waste time on fortuniana any more.

If I need to graft I will be using easier to propagate rootstocks like multiflora, which is used in the local production of grafted varieties quite successfully anyway.


Those seeds I sent you then should help in that respect. My ones of them have germinated and are about 7-8cm tall already… very easily germnated and very vigorous seedlings… you should get something out of them you can use anyway.

Hi Simon.

Since receiving your seed, I have also discovered a large multiflora specimen in a park…quite a monstrosity!!

Around its base I also spotted a few seedlings that had sprouted. They were at their first true leaf stage. They pretty much looked like any old weed, and could have been easily missed!