for dark leaves?

In our species garden (rose species, but you guessed that), the darkest green leaves are on R. bracteata. At least, that’s the rose you notice from a distance. But if you look up close, under the agressive (and way to bright a middle green R. laevigata) you’ll see the small leaves of the ground hugging R. wichurana and it has a wonderful depth of deep green as well.

See I wonder if Razzle Dazzle isn’t a wichuraiana hybrid. I have never seen a KO, self pollinated, seedling that wasn’t a miniature. This year I have another (I discarded the first…couple years back) KO, self pollinated, seedling that is a contorted miniature. It will make 90 degree turns and make two or three leaflets from one node after the turn. I’m keeping this one because it has struck my curiousity (ploidy and such). I’m curious if KO would produce miniatures if crossed with miniatures…or if miniature KO selfed seedlings would. Also, I wouldn’t mind a full size contorted bush rose.

Jon, I’m sure that KO would give you minis when crossed with minis. Though one generation removed, I have a very petite mini that is well branched coming from ‘Home Run’ crossed with one of my mini seedlings - seems quite clean. Flowers aren’t exciting, but I plan to use it in mini crosses this year.

A very dark one for me (foliage and canes) is ‘Gina’s Rose’.

Jim Sproul

“very petite mini”

Yeah, that seems the norm…very petite…like 8" or so. I wouldn’t mind the 2’ range with KO disease resistance. This year I have four KO hybrids (from nine seeds…and two selfs) that I expect to be full sized. I think I’m gonna go for like a f2 x f1 KO hybrid to have decent results…

like (Carefree beauty x (KO x Flirtatious)) x (KO x Bella’roma).

Whoops! I was wrong. ‘Gina’s Rose’ doesn’t have dark leaves. 2008 was my first year with it and during the winter the canes were smooth and very dark. I thought the buds were dark too, but the leaves are breaking well now and are an almost light green. They complement the canes nicely, but are definitely not dark.

Jon, sounds like a good combo - best wishes!

Jim Sproul.

I’d like to see disease resistance as an emphasis for miniatures. It is exactly the reason why I stay away from them – they almost always blackspot here. There are some minor exceptions. For example, I ordered Playgold for 2009. Previous practice for standards in miniatures, plus the usgae of artificial environement to raise them in, has bred disease into them fairly well. I wish to see that removed, and have slowly seen some good ones recently.

Jadae, I think that you are right that there is much work to be done with the minis. They are more of a challenge because by virtue of their size and proximity to the ground they are inherently more prone to disease. The more dense branching habit also affords them less air circulation.

Speaking of dark leaves and clean minis, a very clean shrub seedling of mine, coming from a cross of (‘Marmalade Skies’ X ‘Baby Love’) X ‘Home Run’, has produced some minis that have dark foliage that appear to be clean.

I don’t know why I haven’t used this one with stripes or Hulthemias…

Jim Sproul

Yeah, their architecture does not help the disease issue. Your shrublet has definite Baby Love penduncles, and beautiful foliage. Personally, I would cross it with many-a-choice of floribundas :slight_smile: But that’s me, lol…


Those leaves look so good, my first thought was that they were plastic.

Congrats on a beauty of a rose (because a rose is more than a bloom. Although the blooms aren’t bad.)