(Folksinger X Illusion) X R15

This plant puts on a great show in late May. My neighbors vote it as “Number One” of my seedlings. Unfortunately, before this year it did not have any repeat bloom. This year, one branch just had (around July 4th) four blooms.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Should I try to “air layer” this branch? (I do not know if this branch had any May bloom. Is it possible that this was a one time fluke?)



Link: picasaweb.google.com/HAKuska/HenrySRoses/photo#5068891277899026578

I always loved this one. Why not bud it?

New Dawn is a remontant sport. These things happen. Congrats!

Henry, as I always say, “nothing wasted but time!” So, try to propagate it and see! :smiley:

Wow Henry:

What a wonderful color and beautiful shape fully opened. How large a flower is it? Does it bloom in clusters or singly? LOVED your web cite! Thanks for sharing! It appears that you are not dealing with a huge garden. Please tell me this is true. From what I read on these fora it sounds like everyone but me and Phillip_LA, a fellow New Orleanian, have vast acreage in which to grow countless seedlings. I am hoping that you will tell me that you have done the wonderful things I saw on your web cite in a fairly limited amount of space. Lie if necessary. I’ll never know the difference.

Bob in New Orleans

Bob, It normally has a large number of blooms on the bush at one time, but they are not clustered like a floribunda. The yellow square paper below the flower is 3 inch by 3 inch.

I keep around 1000 roses in a suburban double lot (sorry I do have the dimensions - we had the property surveyed); but it would be a major tast to find the actual paper - possibly it is in the lock box.

Thanks Henry – knew it was too good to be true. My wife’s family has some vacant lots in the neighborhood, so if I can work out water supply, fencing and installation of beds I may join you. Someday I hope to be famous in RHA circles as the “Henry Kuska of New Orleans!” :slight_smile: