Flower Carpet

Hi Marty

I don’t have Flower Carpet Scarlet, so I can’t comment on it’s fertility directly. However, I used the pollen of the old Red Flower Carpet on Belle de Crecy a number of years ago & got a number of germinations. One of the seedlings had the glossy foliage & lax habit of Red Flower Carpet & the Belle de Crecy scent on a very healthy plant (no mildew or blackspot) that is cane hardy in Canadian zone 5, which would be something like USDA 4. Because of the firmer petals from RFC, the scent is more intense & carries better on the air than Belle de Crecy. Belle de Crecy, like many gallicas, can exhibit mildew under trying conditions. I discarded anything with mildew & the remaining seedlings, including the ones that are not cane hardy most years, are healthy.

The op offspring of the glossy leafed hybrid retain the lax habit & glossy leaves of their parent.

Regardless of the appearance of the pollen of FC Scarlet, it might work just as well.

Be Bop is disease free for me and blooms constantly.


It would be great to spread these sort of trials around with strict no spraying or babying them at all (except good soil and perhaps granular fertilizer). Robert’s right that PM proneness would also be good to work out.

Marty, I had ‘Happy Trails’ a few years back and loved it (but lost it). Do you know where it is still available?

Jim Sproul