Flower Carpet Amber

I just got this rose. Does anyone have experience with it? Does it set seed.

I used it on ‘Altissimo’ as a pollen parent and it took and the parent plant has a small number of OP hips on it. I have no plans to collect the OP hips though.

Thanks Simon

I’m planning to use it partly with hardier roses that reject foreign pollen. In that circumstance even little hips are good.

I have all the flower carpet roses here except the coral one (can’t bring myself to own it… just something about it that doesn’t appeal… it’s the wrong colour for that plant… if that makes sense… some plants just don’t wear some colours well I think). Of these the original semi-double hot pink one sets the most OP hips. This is followed by the semi-double one called ‘Apple Blossom’. The yellow one sets very few and doesn’t have the same nice architecture as the others. The single very deep red one sets hips well that are a little larger than the others (so more seeds) and is firm favourite of mine and the beautiful semi double one sets some, but not many, too. Nothing I put on the semi-double red one took this season just gone. The white one has the most lovely plant form, flower shape and size and seems to set very few hips on my plant but I will be using it next season as anyway as both a seed parent and a pollen parent because I just love the white one which shows strong wichurana influence without the rampant fly-away canes the others can produce… maybe that’s just in my garden… it seems the best behaved of all the ones I have and possibly good to use with miniatures. The Amber one is new here and was bought in pretty poor condition and planted in the ground late in the year. I expect it will pick up very quickly and shoot off next spring. It only made one or two flowers for me in this time and these were promptly whipped off and put on other things as super-late crosses that make larger hips. The only one that took was ‘Altissimo’.

I have the yellow & the single red. The white one died early on. Margaret Merrill didn’t survive either. I’m in a cool climate with waterlogged soil in spring. I used the single red on Belle de Crecy. I kept three of the mildew free seedlings. None are recurrent. One of these is a very fragrant lax climber that has been cane hardy for over five years. I have two recurrent seedlings from it, one of which is yellow. Another one, not cane hardy most years, has huge hybrid perpetual type flowers, but is not fragrant. A third, also not cane hardy, is rather ordinary, fragrant, but the seeds of forgotten hips will sink when recovered in spring time. That’s always a good trait.

I’m hoping to be able to use the Amber in similar fashion with OGR types, but also to use as seed parent for the triploid hardies, if at all possible. The Amber caught my eye at Lowe’s because a bud showed a paprika colour on the reverse, somewhat like foetida bicolour. So I had to have it.

I was very pleased with the diversity I got with only a few seeds from the pollen of such as simple little rose.