Flower Breeding and Genetics, Issues, Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century

I’m really excited that this book finally came out. I think it will be a great resource. There are chapters on general trends in breeding, intellectual property rights, and breeding of specific crops. My advisor is the editor. In 2001 the process started for him to contact and work with people to write the chapters. With the original publisher being bought out and other delays it took longer than expected to complete. I wrote the rose breeding chapter!!! It was a great experience to write it because it got me into the rose literature and I was surprised to find more than I thought was there. During this past year I could no longer update the chapter, but I found even more older references I wish I could have included. I enjoy the rose breeding reviews in recent years, but kind of feel that the authors overemphasize their own publications and objectives and much is left out. Maybe that will be said to some degree of me too, but I tried to make it a pretty broad and comprehensive survey. Unfortunately, it is an expensive book (~$300). Hopefully libraries will buy it and it will be available to most people that way. I’m glad I will get a complementary copy. They don’t pay the authors, but I gained a lot from it all because of the experience writing and opportunity to sift through the rose literature. The process was very helpful to allow me to refine my own breeding objectives, cultural practices, and ideas for further research.

Below is a link to a supplier selling the book. I’m excited to especially read and learn about the breeding of other ornamental crops.




Thanks Dave for the information. It is a shame that science books have reached such prices. One wonders whether there should be government and/or private non profit foundation subsidies for scientific works similar to those now seen in the arts.

Sounds like a really good one, but sadly, probably out of my price range. I’ll have to see if our local library will consider getting a copy. I sure would love to read it.

Thanks for telling us about it David.