First striped seedling

After many years of trying I finally have my first striped seedling. It’s a seedling of Rose Gilardi and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m not sure if it will be a miniature or not yet. The plant is about 6" tall and the bloom is about 3/4" across and has some scent. It started out as an orange/pink blend a few days ago but when I finally got around to taking a picture it had faded more to the pink side.

This one has a sibling that is more of a mauve/lavender color with lighter stripes which I’m pretty sure will be a miniature. That one has more petals but I like the bloom form on this one better. Unfortunately I should have taken a picture of the sibling yesterday or the day before. The bloom is way past it’s prime today. There are quite a few siblings in bud now with a couple due to open in a day or so. I’m hoping for more striped ones in different colors.

Congrats, it looks good. I’m hoping to get my first stripy out of ‘4th of July’ this year, fingers crossed.

Thank you Charles. I also have a number of hips on a ‘4th of July’ I recently picked up. Hoping for more stripes from it like you do. Good luck with yours!

Rob, that truly is a lovely rose. Congratulations on your success.

Thank you Donald. I appreciate the kind words.

Very nice, Rob, Congratulations! Please post pictures of the siblings as they bloom.

Thank you very much Lori. I will post pics of the siblings as they start to bloom.

Cool Rob - congratulations! I’ll bet that the fresh color was very nice. Yellows and oranges, as you know, tend to fade rather quickly, but this one is attractive even as an older bloom.

Jim Sproul

It’s a cutie

Thank you Jim and Dee. I appreciate the comments. The orange/pink blend with yellow stripes was striking and I was a tad disappointed when the color started to fade but the ending color is also pleasing so I’m thrilled with it.

Very nice, I love stripes. The coloring and stripe pattern in the picture looks very much like careless love, though the bloom shape is different. Hopefully yours will have longer lasting blooms!

Thank you Amber. The blooms on this one do last a long time. I was surprised how long the petals held on.


Here is a sibling of this striped one. No striping but lots of petals and the bloom held a long time.

Here’s another sibling. A very dark velvety red single with good scent. I have more siblings coming. Two are definitely striped. I missed taking a pic of one of them but will post a pic of another striped sib in the next day or so.

Thanks for all the pics. That red one has an unusual square shape and scent too! Nice.

Your welcome Lori. The red is kind of unusually shaped. I thought that as the bloom aged it would round out but it didn’t. The red is actually much deeper red than in the pic. The flash lightened the color up some.

Here is a sibling of the original striped one at the beginning of this thread. I took the picture in the sun which kind of washed out the colors but it’s a single and each petal is a light pink with white stripes.