First Rose of Next Summer!

First of the 2009 seeds sprouted today! Had to kvell! I’ve been seeing these for years; how come the first one to sprout always makes me so happy?!

Same here Fara. There’s just something so exciting about new babies.

Yippee!! Break out the cigars! I just love when new baby rose seedlings hatch, its such a thrill! Where are the pictures?


My fridge is still “pregnant” and I exspect the first seedlings around new year. Which cultivar produced your early birds?

Thanks, all!

The new baby is “Fa’s Marbled Moss” x ‘Song of the Stars.’ Pictures when there’s something to actually photograph.

I think I said this last year to you too… but… isn’t this REALLY early for you Northern Hemispherians? Mine are still germinating and were are just coming into spring.

Well, yeah, it probably is early, but this is when I seem to have the most luck. Plus, it gives the roses a huge head start. Up here at altitude the growing season is depressingly short, so the more they can grow the first year, the better.

Two more seedlings sprouted today. Too much fun!

Congrats Fara!

Jim Sproul