First Prize

I’ve noticed that First Prize is listed as a parent many times in some of the roses I especially admire and own. I have First Prize and Queen Elizabeth planted next to each other, but the bushes were not marked with little wire tags attached to them, and I don’t know which is which. Can anyone help me out in telling them apart. They both are about the same color bloom. I think First Prize has a longer sized bud and bloom with Queen Elizabeth being shorter, but when they are both bloomed out, they look cupped and similar except in the length of the bloom. They are so similar in the books that describe them.

Thanks so much,


First Prize- Larger blooms, 2 tones (dark and light pink), high centered, simgle flowers, sometimes 3-4. Bush is wide/angular for a HT, average height, low branching density.

Queen Elizabeth- Medium sized blooms, simple salmon pink, open bloom form, pale fragrance, small custers, rarely singles. Bush is very tall, and somewhat fan shaped to narrow, high branching density.


Thanks a lot, Mike. I’m sure I know which one is which now!