First OP seedling bloom of the year, plus hip lon 'Roseraie de'Ha

One of four miscellaneous OP seedlings from my yard that were the most vigorous and survived living at school and the ride back home. It’s rather vigorous, having about seven more buds not counting the one in current bloom. It’s sepals sometimes seem to turn into nearly true leaves, giving a funny pineapple-like look to them. The buds are the dark-pink magenta of the flower rim. Has a nice scent. In our small A-frame converted swingset-greenhouse coldframe.

I don’t know what plant this came from, but perhaps from one of my hybrid musks or multiflora. What you think?


RDH rugosa is one of my favorite rugosa flowers. In my climate some bushes of it that I have observed seem to set one hip in a whole growing season, if you are lucky…lol

All the best with your controlled cross of it.

The hip in question is HUGE, many seeds can be seen if you look where the pistil and stamens used to be, so it’s not as if it’s filled with fluff and five or so seeds that sometimes happens.

Whatever it is, it’s beautiful! Do let me know if you ever get cuttings!

Good luck with your crosses. I like your single. Almost looks like a crab apple flower.

Thanks Adam, Fara, this is my second OP to really survive along with 3 others this year, so I’m excited. I have a ‘Queen Elizabeth’ OP that was my first success like three years ago and it is not particularly noteworthy in any manner except that it has pretty red stamens. I keep it more for sentimental reasons.

This year three out of the of fourur are I think sisters of this one, or at least of the same hip as they are very similar when looking at them. The third has much rounder, bluer leaves, more moss/gallica-like prickles and tried to bloom this off-white colored bloom with more petals. It has another bud, I’ll take a picture if it’s actually attractive.

Perhaps something related to L83, Basye’s Amphidiploid or straight up multiflora, maybe even ‘Plaisanterie’ or ‘Darlow’s Enigma’…I need a better labeling system, I get lazy when I’m over at school and just plant them out in flats when I can.

I’ll take pictures of the base of the leaves, see if anyone can verify multiflora influence since that’s usually a clue.

The color is interesting, it almost looks like it was airbrushed on, not exactly freckled but close. More of that darker pink on the other side.

George, ‘RDH’ is my favorite rose too it was my first band rose so I’m a bit biased with it too, it’s the queen in the yard for sue. I got so disappointed when I heard it was difficult to work with when it came to breeding, so I’m looking forward to cracking the code to using it.

Adam, I thought that it looked like an apple-blossom too! One flower in particular had that distinct notch at the end of cherry flowers have. I’m waiting to see if bloom-type stabilizes as I’ve had one with less petals than this five count.

Fara I will be happy to see if I can get cuttings once I see how it does and get it in the ground. It’s very vigorous, for a young plant it’s had about eight plus buds.

I’m hoping that might be a sign of it being a repeat bloomer considering the heavy bud count for not being over 6 months old. That might narrow down the field in terms of parentage.

Sister seedling bloomed today.

Looks like it could be out ‘Darlow’s Enigma’ to me.

Could be…I did collect a few hips from ‘DE’ but I’m forgetting if I planted out the seeds.

Ooh, this is fun though, I can’t wait to see if the third “sister” looks any different - so far the second has chubbier, shorter flowers than the first…which the pictures of seem to have stopped showing up? Maybe my blog’s not cooperating. This is the first again:

Second seedling again, got a better picture host this time~!

Third seedling. I don’t think it has much of a fragrance but it’s PRETTY. Flowers somewhere between the size of a quarter and a nickel.


Nice pics.

Your pumpkin seeds are growing very well!

Thanks! We just put some of our own pumpkin plants from our greenhouse outside and they already have blossoms! I’m very excited- got melons speeding up as well, might need to put down some black plastic to speed it up though.

I’m really tickled to see how different each of the three “sisters” came out. Still trying to figure out who their possible parents are.

Max, there is something very beautiful about the leaves on that last one! I don’t know what it is about them that appeals to me but I like them very much… They look thick and plasticy with great substance with a lovely green colour… If this is its first flower expect it to fill out over the next few years/flushes. With any luck it will repeat for you. Flowering in its first year like this is a pretty good sign for this too :slight_smile:. I hope it proves fertile too. Is it a big seedling? It looks quite vigorous! I’d love to see a full-plant photo. Are the leaves as healthy as they look? It might make an excellent understock as well as an excellent garden plant… like that… dual purpose roses.

I’m still trying to figure out the parentage as I didn’t label the seeds lol. It is the first main flower and for all three of the “sisters” they are rather large seedlings I think for being around 6 months old or so.

This is the third one that you liked. It does have nice leaves and so far seems the healthiest out of all three sisters, but might not be the most fragrant.

Bloom form has not been “set” yet, this is a bloom from the first/oldest sister I believe, a much darker display of the bi-color edging. It has a nice fragrance.

picture of the leaf and stipules of one of the sisters. Any sign of multiflora? I don’t know if that’s fringed enough…also dont mind my dirty fingernails…I’d been weeding.

Fingernails and dirt go hand in hand =)

There arent many hobbies out there where its fun to get dirty, lol.