First Germinations

Have my first round of germinations. I am moderately excited to see what comes of them. Its Prairie Harvest x J5.

Be interesting to see what comes of it.

Congratulations. That looks to be a great cross. I had good luck this season with Prairie Harvest and Henry’s Rugelda x R-15.


That is a great cross. Do you have anything else germinating yet?

I made several similar crosses with the J5 pollen you sent me. I have 7 seedlings of Carefree Beauty x J5 so far and 0 seedlings of Graham Thomas x J5. I had a few more CB x J5 seedlings, but I killed them through ignorance. I also have 26 seedlings of Darts Dash x J5 and 27 seedlings of Showy Pavement x J5.

There is some speculation that J5 may be a triploid. But I don


Nothing else germinating yet. These were germinating while still in the fridge, I am going to bring them out into the garage so the temp goes up and down a little bit. That always gets quite a few extra germinations. I am glad to hear that you have several crosses with J5. I am really curious to hear about the colors of any flowers you get.

Have you had anything flower yet or are all your seelings still to young?

Robert, I was really pleased with the number of seeds I got per hip on Prairie Harvest. This batch came from 1 hip with 34 seeds. I have been working with near species a lot of late and the ones I work with tend to produce few seeds per hip. Its a nice change.

Prairie Harvest is a very rewarding seed parent. It looks like my first seedlings to flower from last years crosses might be Prairie Harvest x Goldbasye. A couple of the seedlings are already forming buds.

No flowers yet on any of my seedlings. The oldest J5 seedlings are with Darts Dash and Showy Pavement. From past experiance with rugosa seedlings, they either bloom late in the first year or not until the second year. The Carefree Beauty seedlings are still too young. I’m cuious to see what colors they will be also.

That is a very good number for seeds/hip. I didn’t use Prairie Harvest this year, but I used it’s sibling Folksinger. I only had four hips but I got 68 seeds for 17 seeds/hip, which isn’t too bad. Some crosses only had 4 or 5 seeds/hip.

The only thing I can fault Prairie Harvest for is propensity to Powdery Mildew in some seasons.

Steve, That does sound like a great cross. I used P. Harvest for the first time in 2007 with Home Run and have a few nice looking (non-single) seedlings that appear to be fairly clean. I used it with a few other pollen parents this past year. I also echo Robert’s comments regarding mildew on P. Harvest, but in my yard it is cleaner than Folksinger.

Germinations are a bit slow this year. I was starting to worry, but it looks like things might be picking up, knock on wood. So far, Everest Double Fragrance x Prairie Sunrise, Outta the Blue x Julia Child, and Gemini x William Baffin are my only germinations.