First germinations of the year and a few interesting ones fr

With only about three weeks under soil, there are already a few new ‘babies’ beginning to push through the soil. Thankfully, this ‘winter’ is cooler and wetter than last.

42-03-02 X Hugonis

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Three from Pink Petticoat X 1-72-1Hugonis

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Cal Poly X April Mooncrest

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Two self seedlings have survived from R. Stellata mirifica. This is the more vigorous of the two in its gallon can.

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I lost track of the seed parent, but the pollen parent was definitely the Clinophylla X Bracteata seedling.

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Cal Poly X Lynnie. The few seedlings from this cross from last year are all prickle-free and have all flowered…single, pink, scentless, go figure. They’re strong growers, that’s for sure!

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I’d hoped for some dwarf plants from this cross, but they are all ramblers, with a few which have begun flowering almost immediately. The day before Thanksgiving, this one still has a near-spent flower. Of course, single, pink… 0-47-49DLFED X Tom Thumb.

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Some good crosses there Kim, will be interesting what come of them.

Will be nice to see what turns up out of these. A little jealous you can get seedlings up this quickly in the year. In my area I would not want them to come up this early.

Wow, those are early 2013 babies! Nice show and interesting crosses. Congratulations.

couple of Wichuriana hybrids

[attachment 1258 wichhybrids.jpg]

Thank you. Last “winter”, really wasn’t a “winter”. Temps remained in the mid seventies and much higher and the total rainfall for the year was about a third of “normal”. Officially, we received half an inch in the odd storm a few weeks ago, though it left nearly four inches (last year’s total was 5") in the Rubbermaid trash can in the middle of the yard where nothing could drip into it. Add the half inch from the end of last week and we’ve already had nearly last year’s total annual rainfall. Rain and chillier temps really help. These things KNOW the difference between rain and the hose. They show it by their performance.

It’s actually ideal to get them germinating right now so by the time the “spring” temps hit, I can begin transplanting them into real pots. I had to wait until the day before planting the seeds this year to transplant last year’s seedlings from the boxes. They were nice and large, with fairly huge root systems. I’d much prefer dealing with them when they will still fit in four inch pots, with cool temps and good chances of showers. That makes moving them easier and much safer here.

They’re continuing to pop up all over the boxes! I did provide some chill for them, but most weren’t kept refrigerated very long at all and they seem to love it. From this morning’s browse through the weeds…

Cal Poly X Porcelain Rose. I have high hopes for this cross. Two, seperate sources of health and freedom from prickles! Who knows what colors may result? As long as it is dwarf, dense, healthy and smooth, I don’t honestly care.

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Cal Poly X Rayon Butterfed. The one which first germinated for Rob. I’m eager to see what comes from this cross!

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Pretty Lady X Maytime. I’m pretty sure they’ll be pink, with prickles. I’m interested to see how their health is.

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IHTXLB X Art Nouveau. No idea what colors to expect (other than pink). I’m hoping to capitalize on the central petal “fault”.

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Cal Poly X Fedtschenkoana. Yellow flowes on silvery-turquoise foliage? Thornless Fedtschenkoana? All of the above!

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Cal Poly X Blue for You. Another with two, independent sources for freedom from prickles and good health. I hope for some decent purples, but who knows?

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Cal Poly X Gardens of the World. Hopefully they don’t look like Rainbow’s End!

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TOLHUG selfed. I’m interested to see what it does.

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Cal Poly X Cineraire. “What if?”

[flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=8218020988]cal poly x cineraire’[/flickr_photo]

Cal Poly X Cecil. One for David!

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Pink Petticoat X Sweet Nothings

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Cal Poly X Cecil. One for David!

Thanks Kim, can’t wait to see the flower, any thoughts when it might flower. It isn’t one that might take years is it.

You’re welcome, David! Heavens, no! Mini X HT should flower quite quickly. Watch the blamed thing be PINK! LOL!

I HOPE not

Me too!

Kim, I think you started something. This is going to be an early year. I checked the baggies that are stratifying, dated Nov 7, and saw that there are about 12-13 easily visible roots in four different baggies. Will fish them out and pot them up this week. Still have to put the calcium nitrate mixture on about half of the total seeds. All the sprouts are from early picked hips. This could get to be a long thread fast!

Thanks for sharing, Kim, and for including the active links and goals in particular.

Fun crosses! (Though, garish though it may be, I don’t see as Rainbow’s End would be so bad! Must be my love of tropicals, but I think subtlety is over-rated.)

Yes I agree Jackie this might be a long thread. Do you mind going through your process from picking hips to germination please Jackie.

Kim (apart from MY yellow crosses you have so graciously done) are we going to see the hues of purple and/or the parchment colors

Only time will tell David. Julia’s Rose was pretty much like mixing paint. Many others, haven’t been. Who knows what something really odd like Art Nouveau is likely to produce when mixed with other oddities like IHTXLB, or a Cal Poly X Blue for You?

Sorry everyone for thread jacking a bit for a minute, the color of Julia’s Rose(parchment) along with mauve and of course yellow are the colors to play with I think. Julia’s Rose is high on the list to breed with here just to upset SimonV(only joking Simon).

I also have had a brilliant PM from Jackie in response to my question about her way of germinating seeds, I thank her here and also will PM her back.

Lead-based paint… whose slow but steady toxicity permeates throughout its tissue making it a failure to thrive, problem child :wink: Suitably upset lol