First germinations from 2020 crosses.

Since last 14 March, after 11 weeks at warm temperature followed by 11 weeks in fridge, it is now near 60 seeds that have sprouted. Many of them have Applejack and/or R. fedtschenkoana from my own crosses. I hope those new seedlings, if they survive, will have more apple and/or fir fragrance in their foliage, I cross my fingers for that. Here are some results:

06Nx162o = Victory Year x (Applejack x R. fedtschenkoana)
07Q x 14G-1 = Alison OP x (G49 x Applejack)
80X x Hazeldean = Wasagaming OP x Hazeldean
10TT x Lemon Fizz = Basye’s Purple OP x Lemon Fizz
112N x Applejack = (Ross Rambler 3 x Thérèse Bugnet) x Applejack
122R-5 x 14G-1 = Lac Majeau OP x (G49 x Applejack)
122R-5 x 14G-2 = Lac Majeau OP x (G49 x Applejack)
122R-5 x Applejack = Lac Majeau OP x Applejack
122R-5 x Prairie Sweetheart = Lac Majeau OP x Prairie Sweetheart
13S-1 x Applejack = (Roseraie de l’Haÿ x Alfred 93) x Applejack
162o x Gay Centennial = (Applejack x R. fedtschenkoana) x Gay Centennial
162o OP = (Applejack x R. fedtschenkoana) OP
162T OP = (Geschwinds Nordlandrose 1 OP) OP
Applejack x 162o = Applejack x (Applejack x R. fedtschenkoana)
R. fedtschenkoana x 162o = R. fedtschenkoana x (Applejack x R. fedtschenkoana)
Dagmar Hastrup x Hazeldean
Lac Majeau x Prairie Sweetheart
Thérèse Bugnet x Gay Centennial
R. roxburgii OP

Wow, Andre, [forgive the lack of accent], these are some dynamic crosses. I like the idea of breeding for scented foliage as well as hardiness and beauty. Thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you for your appreciation Brian. For me the shape of the plant, color, texture of the foliage, with fragrance if possible, are important when the plant is without flower, it is a plus value. Andre (No problem with accent).