First germination - spring 2006

Last season I did not soak my seeds, instead I put them on sand that was wetted with a bromelain solution. Although the germination was enough to keep me busy, there were some batches that did not germinate at all. This year I put my seeds in a regular Bromelain soak, (starting on March 30), for from 3 to 5 days. I used the longer than 2 day soaks because the containers were kept in an unheated sunroom. I figure that not much “action” happened at night when the temperatures were probably in the 30s.

The first germination occurred today. It was an open pollinated seed of a 1998 open pollinated seedling of Elmira ('Elmira' Rose ) . This last summer was the first year that I remembering it flowering, much less setting hips.

Elmira is a diploid rugosa-chinesis cross similar to Bonavista. I had distributed open pollinated seeds of Bonavista in previous years. Does anyone have anything to report about them?

For me the Bonavista crosses have been interesting for several reason. They have been both winter hardy and essentially disease free. Also they have very good repeat bloom and appear to accept/give pollen from/to both diploid and tetraploid roses. If you use your browzers find command with Bonavista, you can see what recent offspring I have obtained:

Things are looking up:

On 4-11-06, a (Jans Wedding X OP) germinated.

On 4-12-06 a (Folksinger X Dortman) X OP germinated.

Today, 2 more (Jans Wedding X OP) germinated,

and a (Rugelda X R-15) X OP.

Jans wedding is described at: 'Jan's Wedding' Rose It is a cross of two very interesting (to me) roses Dornrschen and Lichtknigin Lucia

When I first started hybridizing, I attempted to grow many open pollinated seedlings of Dornrschen; but nothing of interest came of that effort.

I received open pollinated seeds of Jans wedding from Joan Monteith last season. None of the seeds germinated last spring. Her comments about this rose are available in the following thread:


I think that this is the first time that I got a (Rugelda X R-15) X OP seed to germinate. Rugelda X R-15 is pictured at:

I have been trying to get others to grow cuttings/budwood from my Rugelda X R-15 plant. So far all attempts at growing it from cuttings have failed. Last year I sent out budwood, so far no one has reported any success. If anyone would like to try some budwood this summer please let me know. I would hate to have the plant get RRD and be lost as I am optimistic that it will be useful in breeding future yellow disease resistant, hardy yellow roses.

This year I have some seeds from the following crosses (this list is just to give the reader an idea of what it will cross with, it is NOT a list of seeds available for distribution):

(Folksinger X Illusion) X (Rugelda X R-15)

(Prairie Harvest X R-15) X (Rugelda X R-15)

Prairie Harvest X (Rugelda X R-15)

Leverkusen X (Rugelda X R-15)

Folksinger X (Rugelda X R-15)

I was not successful getting seeds from Carefree Sunshine X (Rugelda X R-15), but I was successful getting seeds from Carefree Sunshine X R-15. I was expecting that Carefree Sunshine would be the most direct route to adding repeat blooming to (Rugelda X R-15) offspring.

Regarding your Rugelda X R-15 plant, sorry it did not make it on my end. But I can’t say if it makes you feel better but … It kept its leaves “FOREVER” here. I thought it would do well under my misting system , and it was but my Dane darted right over to it one day when it came on. She was only a couple months old. It looked like it should have / would have taken no problem.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news. I had forgotten till I read this. Thanks for the generousity last year.


I have posted the 2006 germinations at the site below:


Interesting to see on HelpMeFind that Martin Frobisher “does not set hips” lol!

It is my experience that many roses that appear sterile will occasionally sets hips. In this case this open pollinated offspring of Martin Frobisher is very fertile and produces open pollinated seeds that germinate readily. If anyone wants some of these seeds, let me know by e-mail and I will collect some for you.

Pictures of 2 Martin Frobisher X OP seedlings are given at:

It is the # 14 that gave so many germinations this spring.


#14 is beautiful! Wonderful color and stamens.

I think they are both pretty nice.