First flowers from my first seedlings

My seedlings from “Fa’s Marbled Moss” have finally bloomed. The large flower is the seed parent.

Photostream (link below doesn’t necessary work.)

They’re beautiful! Congratulations!


Fara, very nice group of seedlings.

Jim Sproul

Thats an attractive lot! Well worth keeping, I’d say.

Paul Barden

Jim and Paul, thank you so much! It’s been hectic here (I am, alas, a thousand miles from my garden and heard there was a wind storm the other day which blew down my greenhouse!) but I thought I’d show you this picture of the two smallest flowers when they fully opened. I’m hoping that by the time I get back to Colorado on Monday, there’ll be a few flowers left on the plants…

Please try this link, for some reason no matter what I do I get the “Picture Cannot Be Displayed” message:[img][/img]


The link ( doesn’t seem to be working either.

I saw the rose Paul named after you - beautiful.


Chris and everyone,

Please try this link:[img][/img]

Ok now I’m seeing them! They are all nice, but I especially like the long petals on papyrus.

Here’s a larger picture of four of my seedlings. A fifth one, blooming now, is an exact copy of her mother.

Very nice! I especially like Papyrus as well.



Congrats, Fara. It will be interesting to see how they develop!

Amazing what one can get from the same parent: Papyrus for its neatness, and Robin for its quirkiness…

Keep us posted.

What an excellent group of seedlings Fara. Congrats! I particularly like your ‘Starry Day’…very nice form. I wish you well with these.